Biden Pledges Billions to Back “Blue Gas”

Jason Williams

Posted April 28, 2023

Nearly a year ago, President Biden signed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act into law, marking the most significant action Congress has ever taken on clean energy in the nation’s history.

And ever since then, we’ve been unpacking all the details jammed into the several hundred pages of subsidies, tax credits, and old-fashioned government handouts.

Now, no matter what you think about the name of the act or whether it’ll accomplish its stated goal, it’s the law and it’s going to pump hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even trillions, into specific companies in certain industries.

One of those industries is centered around a revolutionary fuel source I’ve been calling “Blue Gas.”

You see, "Blue Gas" is a fuel that provides three times the power of fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline.

Yet it produces zero emissions as it uses that extra power to move everything from trains in Europe to buses in Asia to big-rig trucks in the United States.

It was uncovered during top-secret testing for a NASA project and brought to the public by the brilliant inventor who pioneered it for the U.S. space agency.

And finally, after years of development and years of execution in the real world, it’s finally getting its chance to shine, thanks in part to tens of billions of dollars of potential funding hidden deep inside the text of the Inflation Reduction Act…

Massive Subsidies and Enormous Credits

One of the biggest opportunities for "Blue Gas" and the company that pioneered it is a massive subsidy that would cut the cost of production by as much as 75%!

That’s a pretty huge reduction. It means a fuel that used to cost around $4 per kilogram to produce could now cost $1.

And that massive reduction in cost will make this zero-emission fuel not only three times more powerful than fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline, but much cheaper, too boot.

Then, on top of that, there’s a 10-year tax credit that manufacturers can claim for building new "Blue Gas" facilities.

The incentives depend on how much those facilities and the fuel they produce reduce carbon emissions.

They start at $0.60 per kilogram and go all the way up to $3 per kilogram, doubling the potential payout companies producing this fuel could see…

Then there’s also a 2.6-cent per kWh tax credit that can potentially be added onto those $3 production credits.

All told, those three opportunities could make it so that companies making "Blue Gas" for the U.S. market could get paid more in credits and subsidies alone than it costs them to make the fuel.

But they’re not the only incentives hidden in the Inflation Reduction Act aimed at stimulating the "Blue Gas" economy…

On top of those three programs, there’s also an extra $3 billion in funding up for grabs to install equipment to reduce emissions at ports across the country.

And there’s another billion available for companies helping replace heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission alternatives, like "Blue Gas."

“It’s GO Time!”

In fact, the Inflation Reduction Act has so much money packed into it for this specific part of the alternative transportation sector that Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was quoted as saying, “It’s GO time for [Blue Gas]!”

And that’s why I’m writing to you about this rapidly evolving market today.

Because it’s where electric commuter vehicles were back in 2010 when Elon Musk first took Tesla public.

But I see the potential for even bigger gains for investors who get their money in on the right company.

And I’m convinced I’ve found just that company…

It’s a pioneer in the "Blue Gas" space. Actually, it’s THE pioneer in the industry.

It was founded by the same man who first uncovered this incredibly powerful zero-emission alternative when he was working for NASA on that top-secret project I mentioned earlier.

He saw the phenomenal number of potential applications in civil society and lobbied for permission to spin off his research into a public company.

And now that company, founded by the inventor of "Blue Gas" himself, is one of the most experienced operations in the industry.

The funding allocated in the Inflation Reduction Act almost guarantees it’s going to become a massive company in the coming years.

And the redoubling of efforts to curb carbon emissions by governments all over the world all but guarantee massive amounts of future funding to come.

They also guarantee the market for "Blue Gas" will be a global one and not just confined to the United States.

Yet, with all that going for it, most investors haven’t even heard of this company, let alone know that it’s publicly traded and ripe for investment.

It’s YOUR Time!

That’s where I really see the opportunity forming. This isn’t Tesla, a company everyone already knows about whose hyperbolic growth is already likely behind it.

This is a small company that’s got the potential to make Tesla’s post-IPO gains of 25,480% — which turned every $10,000 invested into nearly $2.6 MILLION — look like small change.

So, in the hopes that I can help you get one of those storybook wins and beat out even the most successful “Teslanaire,” I’ve put everything I’ve learned about "Blue Gas," how it’s made, how it was uncovered, and how it’s poised to completely disrupt the alternative transportation market into a presentation to make it easy to review and digest the information.

It goes over everything from how "Blue Gas" is made to how it could make you a millionaire.

All you’ve got to do is spend a few minutes reviewing the presentation and then get yourself invested for the win I see coming down the pike.

It’s that simple. I’ve done all the hard work so you can sit back and rake in all those profits.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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