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Jason Williams

Updated October 13, 2023

After what’s happened in the Middle East since Hamas’ attack on Israel last weekend, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

But with the geopolitical violence heating up around the world this week and your screens all inundated with commentary and images of the horrifying conflict, I thought maybe you could use a break…

Maybe, just maybe, you could use some good news mixed in with all of the bad.

So today, instead of opining on the seemingly daily increases in violence around the globe, I want to talk about the things people are doing to make this a better place for everyone to live.

And, thankfully, I got just such good news from the governments of both France and the United States…


While their state department and military leaders rush to figure out how to address this week’s escalating violence, the rest of France's government is still moving forward with other business.

This week, the additional business at hand involves renewable energy goals…

And this week, the government of France gave theirs a mighty boost.

The nation has committed to more than double its renewable power capacity by 2035 — that’s less than 12 years from now — with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

France will target 140–175 GW of installed wind, solar, and hydropower production capacity, up from last year's figure of just 63.5 GW, with additional targets for increased use of biogas, renewable and synthetic fuels, hydrogen, and carbon capture, Bloomberg reported.

French Renewables

Now, obviously, the plans call for a big expansion in both solar and wind power generation. But there’s also a lot of potential funding for a fuel I’ve been calling “blue gas.”

I call it that because when you use it to generate energy, the only byproducts are pure oxygen and water so clean you can drink it.

But its real name is hydrogen. And it’s quickly becoming the preferred fuel for heavy-duty applications like trucking, mining, maritime shipping, and even electricity generation.

green hydrogen

This latest push by the French government is only going to accelerate that trend we’ve been watching grow for several years now.

And if my research is accurate, it’s going to benefit investors in one particular company the most.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, lets talk about the good news we got from our own federal government this week…

A Glimpse Into the Future

It’s a huge announcement and will also drive millions if not billions of dollars to the company I just mentioned.

And the craziest part is that it hasn’t actually been announced yet. But it will be…

This Friday, in a similar push to what the French are doing, President Biden will announce $7 BILLION in federal grants to build out regional hydrogen projects.

US Clean Hydrogen

You see, back in 2021, when Congress passed the latest infrastructure spending bill, it allocated up to $7 billion to launch an initiative known as the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program.

The program will help to fund from six to 10 regional clean hydrogen hubs across the United States.

And that funding from the Department of Energy is about to be unleashed in a flood of cash heading to just a handful of companies…

Not only is it going to jump-start the U.S. clean hydrogen (or blue gas) industry, but it’s going to send the profits of one particular company into overdrive…

The First Mover Wins Every Time

You see, while there are quite a few companies out there working to develop clean hydrogen energy solutions, only one of them was founded by the inventor of clean hydrogen power himself.

I call it the Blue Gas company because it was the first private operation to capture and capitalize on the power potential of hydrogen gas.

The founder of the company literally created this technology for a top-secret NASA project back in the 1970s.

And, seeing the potential applications here on Earth, he lobbied for approval to create a private company that could further develop the fuel source he’d just patented.

He got the permissions he needed and founded the first clean hydrogen company in history…

And it’s got a HUGE head start on the competition thanks to its early move into the market.

Which means it’s almost always at the top of the list when it comes to getting government funding to advance clean transportation technology.

And I expect it to be at the top of the list this Friday when the president announces where those billions of dollars of funding are going to go.

So if you’d like to get in early on a company that’s poised to completely dominate this growing market, today is likely your last shot.

Once this news breaks, shares are all but guaranteed to shoot up. In fact, just knowing the announcement is coming, they’ve already run up double digits in the past three days.

So if they’re running like that before the money’s secured, just imagine the jump they’ll see when the rumor becomes the news.

It could be your last chance to become an early investor. So I highly recommend you get some skin in the game TODAY, before it’s too late.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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