Biden's $7 BILLION "Blue Gas" Bombshell

Jason Williams

Updated October 27, 2023

So I don’t know if you saw the news or not. I warned you it was coming. Well, not warned, really, because it was good news, and you really don’t give a warning for that.

But I did tell you it was coming. A few weeks ago, too. But I digress…

I’m not writing to pat myself on the back for being on top of potentially profitable announcements the mainstream media completely miss.

If I were to do that every time it happened, I’d probably break my arm and get a bruise on my back. It’s not just that I’m pretty good at this, but also that they’re really bad at it. And they make it very easy.

But, again, I digress…

I’m writing today to explain that even if you missed it too, and even if you didn’t heed my advice two weeks back, there’s still time to rake in a tidy profit by making the right investments today.

But before I get into what those right investments are, I need to stop being so mysterious and tell you what I’ve been talking about for weeks (years, technically, but who’s counting?) that the mainstream press just picked up on a day or two ago…

The Hydrogen Hub Hustle

Over the past year or two (apparently, I was counting), I’ve been inviting you and the other members of our community here at Wealth Daily and our sister sites Energy and Capital and Outsider Club to learn more about a zero-carbon fuel I’d dubbed “Blue Gas.”

I gave it that moniker because when used to power a vehicle, the only emissions it creates are pure oxygen and water so clean you can drink it.

It’s a fuel that was created for a top-secret NASA project back in the 1970s. And since then, it’s been making its way into the industrial heart of the world.

It can be found powering hundreds of thousands of forklifts in factories and warehouses around the globe. It powers big-rig trucks in California, trains in Europe, and ships in Asia and Australia.

It even powers a few million commuter cars made by companies like Toyota. And if you didn’t guess by that headline for this section, what I call "Blue Gas" is what many others call hydrogen.

And as I’ve been pounding the table, insisting that every investor needs an allocation to this alternative transportation segment, the rest of the world has come to the realization that I’m right.

Hydrogen is the ONLY option we have for powering heavy duty equipment like big-rig trucks, trains, massive ships, and buses.

Batteries are great, but just don’t have the range or power for heavy-duty transportation’s demands. And other zero-emission fuels are still years away from commercial applications.

Adding fuel to that fire was the announcement I’d been telling you was coming that the mainstream media didn’t pick up on until after it was made…

Biden’s Blue Gas Billions

The announcement that the Biden administration is doling out nearly $10 BILLION to build a network of “hydrogen hubs” to increase U.S. production of the fuel source and help transition heavy-duty applications away from fossil fuels.

hydrogen hub headlines

The White House says that “advancing clean hydrogen is essential to achieving… a strong clean energy economy that strengthens energy security, bolsters domestic manufacturing, creates healthier communities, and delivers new jobs and economic opportunities across the nation.”

The Department of Energy went on to note that clean hydrogen is “especially important for hard-to-decarbonize sectors and industrial processes, such as heavy-duty transportation.”

The money will go toward the construction of seven regional clean hydrogen hubs and is expected to catalyze an additional $40 BILLION in private investment.

And while the cat is now officially out of the bag, I’m saying that there’s still time for investors to get on board the hydrogen highway and take the express lane to big profits.

The REAL Future of Heavy-Duty Transportation

Despite what the electric vehicle (EV) fanatics (who are heavily invested in EV stocks) want you to believe, hydrogen is the real future of heavy-duty transportation for at least the foreseeable future and likely far longer.

And as it becomes a more and more dominant force in that market, the companies providing the “picks and shovels” needed to convert a fossil fuel-powered industry to run on hydrogen are going to rake in massive profits.

One such company, one I’ve dubbed the "Tesla Killer" because its technology is so far ahead of even the most sophisticated EVs on the market, happens to be founded by the father of hydrogen fuel himself.

And I’m convinced, after countless hours of research on the industry and the companies involved, that it’s going to reap the lion’s share of those massive profits as it inks contract after contract to supply the engines required to retrofit old equipment and build new equipment.

In fact, it just announced a new expansion of the world’s biggest hydrogen engine supply agreement last month…

Its engines are already powering many of those forklifts, trucks, trains, and ships I mentioned earlier…

It’s got that first-mover advantage and it’s not giving up the top spot anytime soon.

But because it’s not an EV company or a battery-maker or a lithium miner, and because it’s name has nothing to do with hydrogen or alternative fuels at all, most investors haven’t heard of it. And those who have heard of it have completely overlooked it.

And that’s where the real opportunity lies. While the cat is out of the bag about the future of heavy-duty transportation, the role hydrogen will play in that, and the massive funding driving the industry forward…

The companies that will profit the most as this industry grows and grows are still a relatively tightly held secret.

I’d like to end that today with my presentation on Blue Gas and the company at the heart of the market that I’ve dubbed the "Tesla Killer."

So take a little time to learn more about my research, the power of hydrogen as a zero-emission alternative to fossil fuels, and the company that literally pioneered it and has been leading the market forward for nearly 50 years.

And then get yourself invested for the big win (and BILLIONS of dollars) we all now know is destined to come down the pike.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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