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Bitcoin's Three Biggest Weaknesses

Alex Koyfman tells readers about three of the biggest technical limitations of Bitcoin that anybody considering the cryptocurrency should be familiar with.

By Alex Koyfman
Updated December 14, 2017

Predictions for 2018: Part I

On Monday, December 18, I will once again put my credibility on the line with my predictions for 2018. But first, let's have a look back at my 2017 predictions.

By Briton Ryle
Updated December 13, 2017

Beyond Bitcoin

It's safe to say that 2017 will be known as the year of Bitcoin. Where is it headed in 2018 and beyond? The forecasts may shock you, but no more than they did in 2011...

By Monica Savaglia
Updated December 12, 2017

The Kitties That Took Down Ethereum

This was a big week for digital currency. Bitcoin broke $15,000, IOTA announced a partnership with Microsoft, and CryptoKitty mania broke out. Join us for our Wealth Daily digital currency update.

By Alexandra Perry
Updated December 10, 2017

Forget About Bitcoin: The Token Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Enormous sums of money are being made overnight in cryptocurrencies, but this is only just the beginning.

By Jason Stutman
Updated December 9, 2017

2018: The Year of Bitcoin Futures

There's a new product about to hit the market that will open up a whole new aspect of cryptocurrency trading. Jason Williams gets to the bottom of this development and offers several ways for you to profit...

By Jason Williams
Updated December 8, 2017

A Crypto More Advanced and More Valuable Than Bitcoin?

While Bitcoin's popularity as an investment has hit epic proportions, relatively few people use Bitcoin for its actual purpose (buying things). But this other cryptocurrency has something Bitcoin doesn't: intrinsic value.

By Alex Koyfman
Updated December 7, 2017

Sell This News!

It's been pitched to the American public as the greatest tax cut in history. Our president has promised that it will be like rocket fuel for the economy. But stocks have been downhill ever since.

By Briton Ryle
Updated December 6, 2017

Maryland Just Started Selling Marijuana

Last week, Maryland began medical marijuana sales as the first dispensary of its kind opened up in the state. This could be the beginning of a new wave of wealth...

By Monica Savaglia
Updated December 5, 2017

How Algorithms Affect the Market

The speed of Friday's decline is a pretty good example of how the stock market operates these days. Computer-based trading systems can turn on a dime.

By Briton Ryle
Updated December 4, 2017

Things to Know About the "Bitcoin Bubble"

Is Bitcoin in a bubble? The answer is yes and no. No one knows where this wild ride will end, and the only way to protect yourself is to know about major events in the space.

By Alexandra Perry
Updated December 3, 2017

Bitcoin: $1 Million or Bust

Bitcoin $1 million? It might sound crazy, but it’s possible… and the establishment hates the thought of it.

By Jason Stutman
Updated December 2, 2017

Analysis and Opinion

Alex Koyfman and the Tech That Could End Mass Shootings

Written By Alexandra Perry
Posted December 15, 2017

Jason Stutman Talks Apple and Investing in Augmented Reality

Written By Alexandra Perry
Posted December 1, 2017

Jimmy Mengel Talks California Cannabis Legalization and the Cannabis Cup

Written By Alexandra Perry
Posted November 22, 2017

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