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XL Gold Cycle: A Pattern of Fortune

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted October 8, 2014

Every 40 years, like clockwork, a gold bull market takes hold.

It’s called the XL Gold Cycle, and every time it’s has over, millions — even billions — of dollars have been made.

And this time around, it’s going to be bigger than ever.

Don’t believe me? Think the idea of gold going to $16,000/oz. is absurd?

Well, you’re probably not alone. But for those of us who already know how the XL Gold Cycle works, it’s not crazy at all.

Today, it’s your turn to see how it works.

You see, roughly every 40 years, this cycle rears its head, and fortunes are made.

You can trace it back 200 years… and EVERY time, folks who understood what was happening made incredible piles of cash.

At this point, the newest XL Cycle turnover has just begun, and those who play this right stand to make an absolute fortune.

How much, exactly?

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