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Will You Buy Supreme Pharmaceuticals on the TSX?

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted April 10, 2017

Say what you want about the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), but I’ve done quite well trading cannabis stocks on this thing.

Perhaps one of my biggest wins was with THC Biomed (CSE: THC). This is a company we picked up back in March, 2016 when it was trading around $0.12. By November, it had hit $1.30 a share. Check it out …


Of course, I didn’t have the stones to hold on to that one after it crossed $0.90. But that’s still a 675% gain that I am in no way embarrassed by.

Another stock that’s done quite well on the CSE is Supreme Pharmaceuticals (CSE: SL).

Supreme Pharmaceuticals is the company that owns 7 Acres Greenhouse, which is a licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada.

The stock has been on a pretty wild ride since last July.


And things continue to look good for Supreme as it was just announced that the company has received conditional approval from the TSX Venture to list Supreme’s shares on the TSX.V.

While some will look at the CSE as a breeding ground for penny stocks and pump & dumps, I actually see it as a much-needed platform for cannabis companies that have to jump through a hell of lot more hoops to get listed, and do so without being shaken down by bureaucratic hustlers.

In any event, while Supreme Pharmaceuticals may be a bit riskier than a company like Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) and Aphria, Inc. (TSX: APH), it’s still worth keeping your eye on.

Now here’s how our primary holdings did today …

  • Aphria, Inc. (TSX-V: APH) – Up 6.07%
  • Aurora Cannabis (TSX-V: ACB) – Up 17.5%
  • Emblem Corp. (TSX-V: EMC) – 22.4%
  • Emerald Health (TSX-V: EMH) -21.39%
  • Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) – Up 0.56%
  • OrganiGram (TSX-V: OGI) – Up 13.27%%
  • Hydropothecary (TSX-V: THCX) – Up 22.07%
  • Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) – Up 6.36%