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Will the iPhone 8 Save Apple?

Written By Alexandra Perry

Posted March 14, 2017

Pass it down the grapevine… these are the iPhone 8 rumors that have everyone talking.

Apple will launch its new iPhone later this year. The launch is highly anticipated by both the market and flocks of consumers — both of which were disappointed by the quiet release of the iPhone 7. On top of that, Apple has to face some heavy-hitting critics.

On the heels of the iPhone 7 release, Peter Thiel publicly heckled the tech giant, claiming the company has passed its peak:

We know what a smartphone looks like and does. It’s not the fault of Tim Cook, but it’s not an area where there will be any more innovation.

That has got to sting. Of course, the iPhone 7 falling flat isn’t enough to defeat a mega-company like Apple. But it could be a symptom of the giant’s fall — a crack in its armor.

So consumers are waiting, wondering if the latest iPhone installment will help Apple defend its reign.

If the rumors are true, the iPhone 8 seems ready for that challenge. And even though the 8 appears to have the same trademark body — which Thiel dismissed — its other upgrades are straight out of science fiction.

Long-Distance Wireless Charging

I have my fingers crossed that this is true. As someone who struggles with the finer points of iPhone charging (such as remembering my charger), the promise of long-distance wireless charging is enough to make me upgrade.

But is there any truth to the rumor?

If we are going on company relations alone, then the rumor could be true. There is growing evidence that Apple is working with Energous. Energous has been developing a wireless charger that can work over 15 feet away.

This upgrade would certainly appease Apple’s customers, who openly gripe about the expense and inconvenience of charging cords to flustered kids at the Genius Bar.

The OLED Display

How about that edge-to-edge screen? Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 will feature an edge-to-edge OLED display.

OLEDs are superior to traditional screens. They offer better viewing angles and brighter colors. More importantly, they use less power, a trait that power-hungry iPhones are frequently faulted on.

3D Camera

I am a consumer critic when it comes to the iPhone camera. It has nothing on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

But now the iPhone 8 is supposed to have a “better” camera. iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone will have a dual-lens camera. This will allow photos to be more vivid.

And then there is the crazy prediction: The Korea Economic Daily reported that the iPhone 8 will have a 3D camera. I remember Apple acquiring LinX Imaging, a company focused on enhanced camera technology, last year. And now that acquisition has come back into the public eye, with Apple utilizing LinX Imaging’s technology to create the 3D camera.

We don’t know if these features will actually be incorporated into the newest iPhone model. But if they are, the iPhone 8 will certainly help Apple win back consumers disappointed by the 7.