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Underwater Mortgages to Push 50% by 2011

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 5, 2009





Here’s a splash of cold water for the housing bulls.

Housing hasn’t bottomed after all…

From Bloomberg by Jody Shenn entitled: ‘Underwater’ Mortgages to Hit 48%


Almost half of U.S. homeowners with a mortgage are likely to owe more than their properties are worth before the housing recession ends, Deutsche Bank AG said.

The percentage of “underwater” loans may rise to 48 percent, or 25 million homes, as prices drop through the first quarter of 2011, Karen Weaver and Ying Shen, analysts in New York at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a report today.

As of March 31, the share of homes mortgaged for more than their value was 26 percent, or about 14 million properties, according to Deutsche Bank. Further deterioration will depress consumer spending and boost defaults by borrowers who face unemployment, divorce, disability or other financial challenges, the securitization analysts said.

“Borrowers may also ‘ruthlessly’ or strategically default even without such life events,” they wrote.

Seven markets in states with the fastest appreciation during the five-year housing boom — including Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida; Merced and Modesto, California; and Las Vegas — may find 90 percent of borrowers underwater, according to the report.

The share of borrowers owing more than 125 percent of their property’s value will increase to 28 percent from 13 percent, according to Weaver and Shen.

Home prices will decline another 14 percent on average, the analysts wrote.”

Here are the details from the report:





mortgage chart







Enough said.

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