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Top Ways to Invest in Virtual Reality

Written By Alexandra Perry

Posted April 21, 2017

Welcome to Investing After Hours, a Wealth Daily podcast dedicated to helping everyday investors navigate major investing trends. Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in a variety of investing methods.

And we broadcast this knowledge from our office above the Baltimore harbor.

The podcast is the brainchild of our Wealth Daily team. I am your host, Alexandra Perry – the research director here at Wealth Daily.

We want to help you achieve financial liberty through a diversity of investments. And our podcast covers everything from moon shots to stable income investing.

Now, onto today’s topic

Virtual Reality: The Tech Industry’s Secret Powerhouse

It isn’t even a question anymore.

The technology industry is a powerhouse. But with so many profitable technology industries to invest in, how do you choose?

In today’s podcast, we want to focus on a quiet sector preparing to rocket its way to millions: virtual reality.

By 2020, virtual reality will be worth over $120 billion dollars.

But what many investors don’t know is that the virtual reality industry is actually composed of two distinct sectors: augmented reality and virtual reality.

And it is augmented reality that will make investors millions. Not many investors have scented this payday – meaning now is the time to make money. This technology is going to be used by hundreds of industries. Just look at the growth potential.

But with so many companies rushing to develop virtual reality and augmented reality tech, where do you start?

Our technology analyst Jason Stutman is here to answer that question. Jason has years of experience in the technology industry – experience that has allowed him to select winning companies time and time again.

Jason has been watching the virtual reality industry closely. And he has a few suggestions

Usually, he isolates winning companies and shares them with the subscribers of his premium newsletters Technology and Opportunity and The Cutting Edge.

But today, he wants to share some of his finds with you.

If you have questions – or know someone who would like to be a guest on the podcast – feel free to shoot me an email at Jason would love to hear from you.

The rest of our team of experts is also ready to tackle any question that you can think up – from alternative energy to penny stocks. Just let us know.

Happy listening.

Jason Stutman

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Jason Stutman is Wealth Daily’s senior technology analyst. He first launched his own investment advisory service, Technology and Opportunity, in 2013, with the goal of providing actionable, relevant, and entertaining stock market commentary for retail investors in the U.S. and abroad. 

Jason’s strategy for building winning portfolios is simple: Buy the disruptor, sell the disrupted. In today’s rapidly changing market landscape, Jason helps keep his readers informed on the market’s most important and evolving technological trends.

Alexandra Perry

Alexandra Perry is Wealth Daily’s research director and a contributing analyst for Energy and Capital. She has multiple years of experience working with startup companies, primarily focusing on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, alternative energy, and biotech.

Her take on investing is simple: a new age of investor can make monumental returns by investing in emerging industries and foundational startup ventures.