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The Real ID Act

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 2, 2008

We’ve feared it for years. There’s no hiding from it any more. Be prepared. Big Brother just got a lot nosier.

By 2011, you and I will be required to carry Real ID cards.

Love or hate the idea… it’s coming.

Yep, soon Federal law will require that most people carry these cards if they want to fly on airlines, or even enter a federal building— strict new security measures to protect us from the next 9/11.

Reports show the White House is in the process of bringing in consultants to help figure out how to set up the Real ID distribution process, as well as how to implement new security measures.

Sure, the Real ID Act won’t fully kick in until 2011, but the White House needs to jump on the process "that will take a while and cost a lot." It’s a process that could soon splash the iDcentrix name across national newspapers.

The Real ID Act… and Why IDCX.OB Should be Bought Immediately

iDcentrix, Inc. (IDCX.OB) is our favorite micro-cap of the year.

Here’s why.

Causing quite a Congressional uproar, the Real ID Act, passed in 2005, is about to become the first real move toward what we’ve feared for years – The National ID Card.

At some point in the near future it will be hard to leave home without it…

That’s why the Real ID Act was so controversial in the first place.

Without one of these new IDs, a trip to Greece, for example, sometime in the future will likely be nearly impossible. As will be driving, visiting a federal government building and collecting Social Security checks, among other things.

But regardless of all of the obvious pitfalls that such a card may bring us, the Real ID Act is absolutely on its way, albeit incrementally.

In fact, in January the Department of Homeland Security issued its final ruling to establish minimum standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards in accordance with the Real ID Act of 2005.

These regulations set the standards for states to meet the requirements of the Real ID Act, including:

  • information and security features that must be incorporated into each card;
  • proof of identity and U.S. citizenship or legal status of an applicant;
  • verification of the source documents provided by an applicant; and
  • security standards for the offices that issue licenses and identification cards.

Meanwhile, the first deadline for compliance with Real ID is December 31, 2009.

By then, states must upgrade the security of their license systems to include a check for lawful status of all applicants and to ensure that illegal aliens cannot obtain Real ID licenses.

And a mere two years later, in 2011, "a Federal agency may not accept, for any official purpose, a driver’s license or identification card issued by a state to any person unless the state is meeting the requirements" specified in the Real ID Act.

So like it or not, these IDs will one day be as commonplace as all of the other cards that we have been required to have in the past.

That’s Where iDcentrix Comes in

The company makes Real ID Act-compliant cards that offer a deeper level of security than any other card on the market.

That, of course, is critical. After all, what good are any of these measures if the cards themselves can be compromised?

The iDcentrix advantage is in their patented technology, which was five years in the making.

It actually embeds ID data and security features in the card, not on it.

And their cards combine that technique with counterfeit-proof Swiss banknote paper.

Now what could be more secure than a Swiss banknote?

The result is an ID card that is invulnerable to criminal attack, forgery and counterfeiting.

In fact, these cards are so good that the Swiss National Forensic Laboratory has determined that altering the card is impossible without completely destroying it.

But, of course, it’s not just the Real ID Act that makes this company one to watch.

Because, let’s face it, since 9/11 the need for secure IDs in and out of government has been growing along with the dual threats of fraud and terrorism.

And that is not just here in the States by any stretch, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

That means that the market for iDcentrix’s patented cards will be huge.

But here’s the key. iDcentrix is as under-the-radar as it gets.

That means that its early investors stand to earn big profits as efforts such as the Real ID Act and others worldwide continue to gather steam.

In fact, the company only recently began trading and is now selling for under $1.33.

Expecting this company to trade much higher not long after the rest of the market discovers them, we’d recommend buying now. As for the management team, they are as solid and dependable as the cards they produce.

Friends, big brother just got nosier. Real ID is coming. From an investor’s perspective, will you be prepared for the Real ID boom?

Good Investing,

Brian Hicks