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The Pure Asset Trader

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 9, 2009

Dear reader:

I’ve got great news…

On Wednesday morning, Bank of America announced they’ll only need another $34 billion more from Uncle Sam.

Somehow that’s bullish news, according to CEO Ken Lewis.

The truth is, while we’re not out of the woods just yet, we are finally starting to see some signs of a slow recovery.

Amex, JP Morgan, and the Bank of New Mellon Corp all got a passing grade on their "stress tests." And to top it off, it seems the Dow’s low of 6,600 looks well behind us, and oil prices are starting to charge full steam ahead.

But like I said, we’re not in the clear yet.

Want proof?

Just take a look at the sheer number of blockbuster trades that Ian Cooper’s made from issuing puts in the Options Trading Pit portfolio recently.

Ian and his team are still cleaning house by safely betting that companies — major companies — will plummet.

And as far as high-profit trades go, they’ve been spot on for readers who can stomach the fast-paced world of options.

Of course, not many can.

In fact, over the past several months, we’ve been getting swamped with emails from investors who crave those rapid, reliable profits, but don’t want anything to do with the all-or-nothing world of options.

If that sounds like you, trust me—You can’t afford to miss this:

track record

You see, after months of scouring the markets and applying many of his own, unique indicators to qualify worthy options plays for his Options Trading Pit readers, Ian Cooper stumbled across another moneymaking trend so astounding, some of his close friends are already talking about early retirement…

… Those very indicators he uses to uncover the +100% options plays have also been – over and over – pinpointing explosive whole stocks as well.

… Stocks that don’t quite fit the profile for one of his legendary options trades but still experience share price surges that rapidly and reliably skyrocket upwards of 20% – 50%.

For example, just take a look at the 265% jump that one online gaming software developer made in anticipation of the recent movement to legalize online gaming:

20090507 chart

Then there’s the 301% explosion his indicators pointed out from National Coal, after the Dow bottomed in early March:

National Coal chart

And then there’s the 182% jackpot he uncovered from, once again, anticipation of online gambling legalization with YouBet:


And those are just a few. Since Ian started following some of his "discarded" stocks, he’s been finding these opportunities left and right.

For example, earlier today, he raced upstairs to my desk to share with me two natural gas stocks and one major oil play that those same indicators tell him are about to go absolutely ballistic!

Unfortunately, these – increasingly more common – jackpots don’t fit into the scope of his Options Trading Pit… or any other advisory we offer, for that matter.

And that means that, as investors, we’re leaving a lot of easy money (3 near-guaranteed winners even as I write this) on the table…

That is, until now.

In fact, I have a very special invitation I’d like to extend your way.

It’s a deeply discounted, sneak-peak into a groundbreaking new advisory Ian recently launched called the Pure Asset Trader.

In it, he shares with you the details behind every single one of these explosive trades he’s been uncovering… starting with the oil play that he just recommended, which could hand you rapid double (even triple) digit gains in less than a week or two.

And the two natural gas stocks Ian has been tracking will be recommended in the next two weeks.

One thing you’ll notice with Ian’s new cutting-edge service is that these powerful trades come from anywhere and everywhere. That’s because Ian doesn’t like to pigeonhole himself – or you – into any specific sector.

The truth is, at any given moment, somewhere in the market, Ian’s indicators are firing on all cylinders about one company or another, whether it be on news, general market trends, overselling, earnings reports, or any of Ian’s indicators.

In other words, he’s everywhere… but nowhere for too long.

And that’s exactly how this unique advisory is geared – for investors like you to take advantage of the scores of rapid-fire gains coming from stocks across the market as our economy slowly starts to recover.

Inside of just a few weeks – even in this market – not only could you recoup some of your losses… You could make fortunes without needing to rely on all-or-nothing options trades!

Plus, if you accept this offer right now, I’ll show you how you could secure a test run of this $1,495 service for only $199!

Just click here for more information.


Brian Hicks