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The Constitution Optional for Sheriff Joe

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted June 3, 2013

joe joeIt takes more than a Gadsden flat t-shirt to be a freedom-loving patriot.

But don’t tell that to the 200 people who recently “disliked” my article about an American sheriff that’s been sidestepping the Bill of Rights in an effort to crack down on illegal immigration.

Last week I wrote a piece about Sheriff Joe Arpaio – the Arizona Sheriff who has been illegally searching U.S. citizens that happen to look Latino. As a patriotic American, I have no patience for law enforcement officers who treat the Constitution as an afterthought. I don’t care what color you are, who you pray to (or don’t pray to) or who you vote for. If you are citizen of the United States you are guaranteed certain rights that are not up for debate.

However, there were an awful lot of folks who read that article and decided that it is completely acceptable to ignore the Bill of Rights when seeking to protect our borders. My friends, it is absolutely illogical (and illegal) to trample the rights of citizens in an effort to “protect” citizens.

It is the Constitution that serves as our protector, not shady bureaucrats and power-crazy law enforcement officials. And to disregard this truism is to disregard the foundation of our democracy.

Say what you want about illegal immigration, but the reality is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided he is above the law. And if you truly believe in freedom and liberty for ALL citizens, then you cannot possibly support the actions of a man who treats the Constitution like a piece of toilet paper.