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Surgical Robot Primed to Deliver 284% Returns in Two Years

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 13, 2007

Dear Wealth Daily Reader,


Of all of the problems to have in this world, a falling stock market is really nothing compared to the troubles of being diagnosed with cancer.

And if you doubt that, just ask Dennis Murray.

For 54 years he had definitely beaten the odds. In fact, unlike most folks his age Mr. Murray had never been hospitalized–not even once.

But as remarkable as that streak was, it finally came to an end.

A couple of years ago, Mr. Murray ended up with the news that all of us dread. He had cancer.

And in that frightening instant, Mr. Murray became more than just a patient. He also became a statistic–for prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among American men.

It was a day that he’ll never forget.

That’s because for the estimated 218,890 newly diagnosed cases of prostate cancer each year, the outlook can be nothing short of grim. In fact, on average the disease claims more than 27,000 lives each year.

But as sobering as those numbers may be, in today’s world there is always hope. And in Mr. Murray’s case there was much more than that. There was deliverance.

His surgeons saved his life.

The amazing part, though, is how they were able to do it. They removed his diseased prostate using a robotic surgeon, aptly named after Leonardo da Vinci.

Called the "Da Vinci Surgical System," the medical robot is the signature product of Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISRG: NASDAQ), a Sunnyvale, California company founded in 1995.

A cutting-edge surgical robot, the Da Vinci is radical departure from traditional surgery.

It’s minimally invasive, which means that patients using this approach experience significantly less pain, less blood loss, shorter recovery periods and a much quicker return to normal daily life.

In fact, in Mr. Murray’s case, he never even needed to take a Tylenol during his recovery. Moreover, he was able to return to work in only four weeks.

Just try that with traditional surgery.

Of course, it’s real-world results like that that have sent shares of the company through the roof since 2003. Just take a look.

That’s a 2,626 percent gain in a little over four years! Not a bad investment. In fact, that one was definitely the long ball.

That’s what happens to a company when its sales grow by 300% in three years.

But as amazing as Intuitive Surgical’s new robot is, even it has its limitations.

Due to their location in the body, some cancers are simply inoperable–even with the Da Vinci.

That is, until now.

We’ve discovered a company with a medical robot that will revolutionize the way we think about cancers–especially those that are "inoperable."

Our Quantum Confidential readers have known about it for some time now.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what the doctors have to say about this miraculous new device:

  • "This revolutionary device brings the University Hospitals Radiosurgery Center into the forefront of 21st century cancer care. The new device provides the safest and most accurate outpatient bloodless radiosurgery possible for our patients. It provides an option never before available for many cancer patients." –Robert Maciunas, M.D., director of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center Brain Tumors and Radiosurgery Centers


  • "The new device can be used as a non-invasive surgical substitute for patients with similar tumor control rates as surgery in certain situations such as the treatment of liver metastases, lung tumors, pancreatic or other GI tract tumors, prostate cancer, spinal tumors, and intracranial tumors that can’t be reached or treated with Gamma Knife. Where conventional radiotherapy can sometimes take several weeks to deliver, the new treatment which uses a much higher radiation dose per treatment delivered with less than 1mm accuracy, can be completed in one to five days. During the treatment, patients do not require anesthesia, do not feel anything, and can go home the same day."Douglas Einstein, M.D., Ph.D., director of radiosurgery and the Adult Brain Tumor Service at University Hospitals Case Medical Center


Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

Over 100 of these new devices have been installed worldwide, and that’s just the beginning.

And they couldn’t possibly come at better time.

According to the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health, there will be over 1.4 million new cases of cancer diagnosed this year alone–most of them treatable with the new device.

But while that’s undoubtedly great news for cancer patients, it’s also good news for investors, because this company is one that is still flying below the radar.

Sort of like ISRG when I came across it for the first time in 2003.

In fact, at its current price it’s not that far from its IPO, which makes it a bargain–especially at this stage in the game. After all,  its sales are expected to triple over the next two years.

That’s why now is the time to start building a position in this company before everyone else finds out about it.

After all, the news of a miracle travels pretty fast–especially on the Street.

To learn more about the company that makes this device, click here.

Wishing you happiness, health, and wealth,


Steve Christ,

Editor– Quantum Confidential 

PS. This new company will be releasing its 1Q earnings later this week.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all, by the way, if they beat the number. It’s only a matter of time.