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Super Tuesday Phonies

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted February 5, 2008


Ugh! It’s only 8:52am and I’m already sick of hearing about it.

We’ve got forty-three presidential nominating contests in 24 states, fiercely dueling commentators, and complete channel-to-channel coverage.

And I know that I should care. But I just don’t. Because I know that no matter who wins this election, the citizens will still be the losers.

Besides, the presidential election nothing but the ultimate American Idol fueled by the special interests and agenda-filled media. Except, instead of singers, we have a bunch of silver-tongued phonies telling their targeted demographic what they want to hear and what they already agree with.

I saw an article early this morning in the New York Times. It had a "guide of things to look for on Tuesday night- key states, trends, interesting demographic developments, campaign-ending or campaign-extending developments"

They forgot evasion of the truth, slander, deceit, a complete distortion of the facts…in other words a hell of a lot of BS. So grab your shovels out of the shed. It’s going to get deep.

I mean, it’s absolutely no secret to anyone with at least half of a brain that politicians play dirty pool. And when it’s all said and done, the citizens will always get the crappy end of the stick.

And it always confounds me. They get away with screwing the citizens over every single time. And when election time comes around again, we voluntarily cheer out loud for another group tricksters.

Maybe it’s that we’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled long enough that it’s doesn’t even affect us anymore.

I hope not that’s not the case.

– luke