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Stock-Picking Contest Update: We Have a Winner

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted June 11, 2010

Wealth Daily’s first stock-picking contest is over. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to the winners.

230 readers battled it out over the course of a month, each given $100,000 in virtual funds to invest.

The winning reader was able to book impressive (virtual) gains of 136% during the contest. Not a bad month, to say the least.

For much of the competition, it was a nail-biter. The top-ranked players were all hovering around the 45% gain mark…

Blue Ribbon

But towards the end of the contest, user Gotanger pulled ahead like Seabiscuit in the final stretch (excluding that last race…)

Gotanger ended up crushing the competition and boasting 136% gains by the end of it all. She or he turned $100k in virtual funds into $236k in 30 days. Not bad, especially when you compare it to the S&P 500’s -7.6% return over the same period.

Gotanger will receive $1,000 in cash, plus a complimentary subscription to Wealth Trust ($4,495 value) — allowing full access to all of our premium research tools, for life. Nice trading. Watch for interviews with Gotanger on their winning strategy soon (if he or she agrees).

Second and Third Place

Second place went to a reader going by the handle “bighorn”, who racked up impressive 45% gains during the contest. User “yeshkar01e” came in a close third, gaining a close 43%. Since the second and third place prizes are identical, I guess that doesn’t really matter, though.

As the 2nd and 3rd place winners, Bighorn and Yeshkar01e will receive two-year subscriptions to Steve Christ’s Wealth Advisory ($149 normally).

These Wealth Daily readers managed to book (virtual) returns of 136%, 45%, and 43% in just one month. That’s some impressive short-term calls.

Impressive trading all-around. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who particpated. Watch for updates on what the winners were trading in the near future.

Note to winners: Please contact me at to arrange prize delivery, if you haven’t already. Include your VSE username and email for verification purposes.

Watch for another stock-picking contest later this year.


Adam Sharp
Analyst, Wealth Daily