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Silver Company Approaches Mine Production

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 12, 2013

Silver has very much been in the news as of late, and for good reason: the metal is, perhaps, poised for a resurgence. Now, a silver company known as Black Mountain Resources (ASX:BMZ) is looking towards a bright future and doing everything it can to increase its share of the market.

According to Proactive Investors, Black Mountain Resources is not at all far off from silver production; in fact, it may be only weeks away. Much of this has to do with the fact that the company has appointed UMS, or United Mine Services, to help further operations at its New Departure site. 

surging silver UMS will bring in its own equipment, which should help to reduce the load on Black Mountain Resources and make production more streamlined for the company.

New Departure is set to be the first producing project for Black Mountain Resources. The project includes a mine that has previously produced high-grade silver, which is perhaps just one reason why the company has put so much stock in the project.

As of right now, Black Mountain Resources has put 70% of its efforts towards furthering the Black Mountain Resources project, making it a major part of its business model.

A Rush for Silver 

Anyone who has been paying close attention to precious metals in the news as of late knows that there has been a great deal of talk about silver. To put it simply, silver is the metal to watch in today’s economy.

Gold has seen quite a bit of ups and downs, but there’s no getting around the fact that a number of investors are viewing it in a bearish manner. Silver, on the other hand, may very well be up for a rally.

If one views silver from an immediate standpoint, it would stand to reason why one would not necessarily jump at the opportunity to buy. After all, today’s silver prices aren’t necessarily high by any means, and in many ways it would make more sense to approach gold as an investment rather than silver.

All of this could change rather quickly, however, and it’s likely that it will. Silver miners are boosting on new finds quite frequently as of late, and this will likely continue to do a lot of good for the industry and the metal as a whole.

Prices may be nothing special at the moment, but this isn’t to say that they can’t change in a rather dramatic way down the road.

Silver bullion is another thing investors are eyeing. A shaky global economy has left many with the notion that traditional, government-regulated currency may be less reliable than once thought, which has quite a few individuals look at gold and silver bullion as an investment.

Because prices are relatively low at the moment, many investors believe there hasn’t been a better time to look towards precious metals in quite a while, and this could potentially put a rush on silver in the coming months and years.

Gold is also expected to see a rally soon, although it’s unclear as to which metal will benefit more from fears over centralized currency; only time will tell.

An Investor’s Standpoint

Investors are understandably getting excited about Black Mountain Resources. Shares of the company’s stock rose 10% after its announcement that production would be coming down the road fairly soon, according to Interactive Investor.

Bullion itself is good, although the major factor here is that new discoveries in silver mining are being made regularly, and this is bound to continue. 

In order for any precious metal to succeed on the market, it has to have a projected bright future. Silver’s future lies not only in the mining that has the potential to increase at an alarming rate, but also in the fact that investors are watching precious metals across the board. If gold is going to soon pull into a bullish market, there’s plenty of reason to believe silver could tag along for the ride. 

Regardless of how one feels in terms of investing in silver today, there’s no getting around the fact that the metal is important to watch. Movement is likely to increase in the industry, which will only serve to make things even more exciting.


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