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Sales of Gold Teeth Increase

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted March 31, 2009


You have probably seen commercials for one of the many companies out there right now that are offering to buy old gold jewelry, scrap gold, or unwanted gold coins. But here’s a new one for you . . .

Porcello Estate Buyers, a 50-year and third-generation family jewelry business, is now actively seeking to buy gold teeth, also known as gold grillz. (yeah, with a "z")

Over the past several years, gold teeth have gained popularity across the United States as celebrities like  Lil Wayne, Nelly, and Flava Flav have set the trend. But now with the economic downturn and gold prices still near record highs, the Porcello family says that the business is seeing a wave of customers looking to sell their gold teeth for extra money.

Company spokesman Mark Porcello claims, "Selling your gold teeth and crowns is an excellent way to bring in a little extra money for you and your family in these troubled financial times."

The Porcello’s have a new website specifically for those interested in selling their gold teeth. The website,, says, "America is in the midst of a new gold rush. Now more than ever gold is the most valuable and secure asset. Selling your gold teeth and crowns is an excellent way to bring in extra [cash]."

– luke

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