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Robotics Company Eyes U.S. Market

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted February 12, 2013

Denmark’s Universal Robotics is eyeing the U.S. market, hoping its highly specialized robotic arms will make a breakthrough. These arms can prove crucial for a variety of companies that seek lightweight, flexible, and programmable robotic arms in order to achieve higher production efficiencies and a more streamlined workflow.

Universal Robotics’ collaborative robot is designed to be a precision handler with the ability to abide by safety protocols. Setup and operation are designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Forbes quotes Phil Hollingsworth, Sr., Applications Engineer with Universal Robotics client Sparkem Technology:

“Most robotics solutions have a lot of setup, but the UR robot was easy and intuitive.”

Hollingsworth said he was able to prepare and program the Universal Robotics arm for ten distinct movement patterns in less than an hour.

The company is based in Odense, Denmark, and it made its first sale in 2009. More than a dozen distributors are currently vying for Universal Robotics’ business.

It looks like the company ought to find success in the U.S. market, which experienced growth rates between 39 percent and 51 percent over 2011 in the robotics sector.