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Rasmussen: 53% Believe Depression is "Somewhat Likely"

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted March 11, 2009




 If you’re haunted late at night by the ghost of Tom Joad, you will be happy know that you have plenty of company these days. Worry about our economic future has gone largely into overdrive.

But it is not a mere recession that has most folks worried lately. Instead it is a 30’s style depression, which in and of itself is depressing.

Here’s the latest on the national mood from pollster Scott Rasmussen.

From Rasmussen Reports entitled: 53% Say It’s Likely the U.S. Will Enter a Depression Similar to 1930’s

“Most Americans (53%) now think the United States is at least somewhat likely to enter a 1930’s-like depression within the next few years.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 39% think this outcome is unlikely.

Nineteen percent (19%) say a Depression is Very Likely while 7% say it is not at all likely.

The latest results are more pessimistic than those found in early January, when 44% said a 1930’s-like depression was likely in the next few years, and 46% disagreed.

In March 2008, only 38% of adults said the country is likely to slip into a depression, while most (55%) disagreed.

The most recent survey also found that half of all adults (49%) say today’s children will not be better off than their parents. Only 26% hold the more optimistic view, while another 25% are not sure. Those results have changed little from January, when only 27% said children will be better off and 47% disagreed. Twenty-six percent (26%) were undecided at that time.

Adults in their 30’s are the most worried, with 62% who say it is likely the nation will slip into a deep depression. Less than half (47%) of those Americans over 65 think the country will slip into a 1930’s-like depression.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of investors and 53% of non-investors say it is likely the country will slip into a serious depression. Forty-one percent (41%) of investors disagree, along with 38% of non-investors.

A third (32%) of adults with children living at home with them say today’s children will be better off than their parents, while only 22% of adults with no children at home agree.

Related Rasmussen polling found that only 45% believe anyone who wants to work can find a job, but most say it is possible for just about anyone to work their way out of poverty in America.”

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