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Rand Paul Saves Taxpayers $1.1 Million

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted February 22, 2013

So Senator Rand Paul recently told reporters he would send a $600,000 check to the U.S. Treasury.

Why would he do such a thing?

Because $600,000 is the amount of money in his operating budget that he did not spend. Paul returned $500,000 last year, too. For the same reason.

So in two years, Rand Paul has technically saved taxpayers more than $1 million dollars.

Now I say technically, because while I find his actions to be a rare show of honor in Washington these days, those tax payer dollars are still in Uncle Sam’s pocket. And rest assured, most of that money will be wasted.

Still, I applaud Paul’s decision to put his money where his mouth is. Now imagine if every senator could do this.

In one year alone, the U.S. Senate could save taxpayers $60 million.

That’s a lot of scratch, no matter how you slice it.

But instead of returning it to the U.S. Treasury, why not return it to the taxpayers?

Just a thought.

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