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How can you make money off this elite IPO market?

Well, I’m here to tell you about the most important stock market “secret” you'll EVER come across.

There are a lot of different ways to invest. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing...

When you look back on your biggest winners, what did they all have in common?

I started to take a hard look at these winners, trying to figure out the route to all these gains. That’s when I noticed that all of these winners had something in common. Once I realized, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

All of these winners happened because we got in on the ground floor.

Most investors don’t have the tools to identify the Apples, Microsofts, and Netflixes of tomorrow. But they need them.

They want to keep all this information for themselves. So, they make sure that information is difficult to come by and even more difficult to understand. They might share it with family and a few close friends. But they certainly aren’t trying to hand the information to you.

If you look at any IPO filing, the prospectus is littered with financial jargon and phrases that are designed to confuse average investors. The Wall Street elite will never admit this, but it’s their way of keeping their cards close to their chests.

The truth is that most of the words in those pages are only noise.

You see, you don’t need to be Warren Buffett or a professional stockbroker to understand those documents.

All you really need is access to someone who does...

How to Find the Apples of Tomorrow
and Bet on the Right IPOs

Now, you probably don’t need me to tell you that not all IPOs are created equal.

Only by thinning the herd to a manageable number of top picks can you ever begin to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities.

You’re probably wondering how we get to that point. Well, it’s through a massive amount of research. Because in our eyes — knowledge is power — and that’s exactly what you're going to have with IPO Authority.

We’ve created IPO Authority to provide you with the most up-to-date and well-researched information about companies and their journeys towards, through, and after their initial public offerings.

A lot of people find the IPO sector to be an intriguing part of the market — and they’d be right. 

This sector gives investors the opportunity to get in “on the ground floor.” It gives you the chance to get to know a company before it really takes off. Like I said earlier, not all IPOs are created equal, which is why with IPO Authority you’ll learn what stands out and what doesn’t.

While we are providing you with knowledge about IPOs, we are not specifically recommending that you invest in any particular IPO that we’ll be mentioning in the newsletter. Rather, we’re providing you with this service to help you gain insight into companies that could be worth an investment down the road.

Yes, it’s beneficial to invest in a company when it first goes public — that’s a no-brainer. Over the past few years, we’ve even seen some of the highest stock market returns from IPOs.

However, IPOs can be extremely sensitive.

They could see extraordinary gains during the first day of trading, and by the next day, they could be trading lower than their IPO price. Not to mention it’s difficult for individual investors to “get in” on an IPO because of where the initial shares are allocated.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from IPOs! If a company is set to last, it’ll last past its IPO date. We’re looking for the companies that’ll last and bring in the real gains — not just the hype.

And that, my friend, is what we do at IPO Authority. In the past year, members have had access to a long list of trades that have pulled in double- and triple-digit gains.

Picks like...

  • Datadog, up 237% in 12 months!
  • CrowdStrike, up 205% in 12 months! 
  • Zoom Video Communications, up 306% in 12 months!
  •, up 399% in 12 months!
  • Roku, Inc., up 424% in 12 months!
  • ShotSpotter, Inc., up 308% in 13 months!

You get my point. These gains are real. And we're just warming up...

IPO Authority scours the hundreds of new high-growth companies that are about to go public.

That way, members have the opportunity to get more comfortable with the mega stocks of the future.

Imagine being a baseball player and knowing what type of pitch would be coming every single time...

You'd hit a lot more home runs — that much is certain.

And not only home runs, but you'd also have a constant flow of ground-floor opportunities to invest in. These are the companies that will end up driving the overall stock market.

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Monica Savaglia

Monica Savaglia

Monica Savaglia
Editorial Director,
The IPO Authority

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