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Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 15, 2009

Investment newsletter editors are an odd lot. I’ll be the first to admit that.

In fact, if you ever run into one at the bar, my advice is to buy ’em one drink and be on your way. Otherwise you’ll find yourself doing a "dance macabre" from bar to bar until 6 am.

One of the dark secrets of our business is that it takes a certain type of personality to be a successful newsletter editor: The more unusual, the better.

Case in point. . . none of us at Wealth Daily has a formal education in finance or business. Truth be told, we think that a degree in finance or business is a disadvantage.

Looking at my staff, their sheepskin dividends are in philosophy, English lit, linguistics, education, and the Classics.

Another common denominator among newsletter editors is that most of us are social misfits. We hate the conventional and love the bizarre.

If it wasn’t for our wives to keep us grounded, we’d spiral out of control in an inescapable vortex of self-destruction fueled by booze and speculation.

But it’s that unconventional lifestyle that results in unconventional market analysis for dramatic results. And when an editor’s unconventional market analysis hits a bulls-eye, it’s a game changer.

Ian Cooper is one such example.

Ian Cooper: The Man Behind the Trades

I’ve known Ian since 2000, and he’s still a complete enigma to me. I have no idea what makes him tick.

Every day, at the same time. . . Ian heads to Subway and orders the exact same sub, the Veggie. His desk is immaculate. His desktop computer spotless.

He’s quiet. . . almost in a perpetual state of meditation.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve instructed my staff not to talk to Ian unless he talks to you first. It’s not that we don’t like him. . . or that he smells bad. I simply don’t want to disrupt his "mojo."

Ian’s approach to work is completely unconventional. I have no clue to his methodology. None.

And I don’t care, as long as the results are stellar.

That’s why I want to tell you about Ian’s last trade. He told me about it beforehand. I considered taking a position myself. But everything about the trade seemed illogical to me. . . a trainwreck waiting to happen.

It was a microcap biotech stock. Already it had 2 strikes against it. . . How could I go long a microcap biotech stock (the epitome of speculation) in the worst market since the Great Depression?!?!?!?

My reply: "Do what you want, Ian. Go with God."

He did.

And now I’m kicking myself in the hindquarters for not mortgaging the house on his trade.

Here’s a chart of the stock Ian went long on April 6, 2009. It’s Dendreon (DNDN – NASDAQ)

Dendreon - DNDN - Apr 14

(By the way, on the same day, Jim Cramer advised viewers to sell their shares of Dendreon. Said Cramer, "This is the one where I got in trouble. . . I do not like Dendreon. I think it is up too much on a spike sell sell sell.")

Ian, on the other hand, was bullish. He played the call options on Dendreon. . . getting his subscribers into it at the paltry price of $2.80.

Yesterday, Dendreon announced incredible results for its prostate cancer drug, Provenge. Ian instructed his subscribers to sell.

Please take a moment to read the flood of testimonials that are pouring in. . .

  • Ian – Great call – pun intended. This is why I love options. Thnx Don

  • Hi Ian – I just bought yesterday at $2.90 and sold at $12.65. . .YEAH! Merci Beaucoup! (I’m in France) – Peggy

  • Ian, Made 200% on the DNDN trade. ThANKS. – Fred

  • In at $2.70 on 4/6. . . Out at $12.00 on 4/14. . . – John M.

  • Thank you Ian. I bought the August 7.50 call for $3.00 yesterday. I am extremely grateful. – Brad

  • I am really impressed. Of course I regret not subscribing to your newsletter until last night after the close, when there was nothing to be done to put on a trade, but WELL DONE! I am looking forward to the opportunity to make money from your recommendations in the coming year. —Lisa D.

  • Thanks for the great recommendation Ian! Waited patiently on an entry point and got in at $2.69 last Thursday, and exited half my position at $12.00 this morning for a hefty 346% gain! Paid off my subscription fee plus a whole lot more, can’t wait for our next new opportunity! – Richard G.

  • Wow………bought in at 3……sold at 11.30. Thank You!!!! – Milton M.

  • You are the MAN to follow on these tough times, I’m glad I chose this service because I just doubled my money. Thank you, Thank You. Let me tell you that I’m tried other services and I could never find a service that would pay-off as quick as this. I’m extremely grateful for your picks and I will keep using your service for as long as you are in this business. – Gabriel M.

  • Thanks Ian – this made my day!! I bought in at $3.25 a call and sold out at $12.15 a call for half my position. – Rich C.

  • Ian, thanks for the DNDN winner. I’m up over $1 million from your options recommendations – Steve

  • I almost hurt myself doing a double-take when I glanced at the daily profit & loss column of my trading software this morning. The profit I made on a small position in DNDN has paid for the subscription for years to come! I bought the options at $1.01 and sold at $6.60. Those are the returns I like to see. You’re spoiling me, keep it up! – Mark C. 
  • I have monitored Ian L. Cooper’s "Option Pit" since the end of May/beginning of June 2008, which was BEFORE it was even a paid-service. Any subscriber who applied basic asset-allocation rules to each of Ian’s recommendations, eventually even only investing a maximum of 2.0% total equity per recommendation, would have MORE than doubled their equity during the Option Pits first 6 months alone – during a period that will otherwise be known for the Lehman Bankruptcy, Fannie and Freddie Failures, AIG’s meltdown and numerous other corporate downfalls that Option Pit subscribers made a KILLING on.Ian’s latest DNDN recommendation is a perfect example of how 2.0% placed on a single trade can result in a NET 6.0% gain for the ENTIRE portfolio. I bought Dendreon Calls at 3.30 based on Ian’s recommendation and sold it @ open on April 14 for $12.50.I think that’s what’s called a 4-bagger…" – Anonymous

The Options Trading Pit

If you think I’m cherry-picking Ian’s Options Trading Pit service, think again.

Here’s his track record YTD:

54 winners out of 67 trades. Cumulative gain of 3,923%. . . an average gain of 60% per trade. . . 10 days average hold time.

George Soros recently said he was "having a good crisis." If Soros is having a good crisis. . . Cooper is having a GREAT crisis. 

If you haven’t tried Ian’s Options Trading Pit service, you should. There’s a 30-day full money back guarantee. So you can test it for one month essentially free of charge.

Right now, Ian is about to issue a new trade based on an annual, spring "event" he says is foolproof.

Last year at this time, you could’ve locked in a 120% to 140% profit on this "event." According to Ian, we’re just days away from this event occurring again.

If you want to test-drive Ian’s OTP for a month, go here:

To learn more about Ian’s OTP service, feel free to read this report:

Profitably yours,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Wealth Daily
Angel Publishing Investment Research