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Opinion Wanted: Contribute to Quantum Investor

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted June 22, 2007

Dear Quantum Investor Reader,

As you well know, we think that the wave of Web 2.0 is continuing to build and will transform not just how information is made available, but also where it comes from. A large part of that, of course, is the massive growth in user-generated content.

Time Magazine, in our opinion, may have gotten a little too much grief. That’s because we continue to believe that their "You" is indeed a growing force. Free expression, after all, is one of the benchmarks of a thriving society.

Creativity, in other words, rules.

That’s part of what makes user-generated content such an irresistible force. It captures our attention from out of the blue, and if it’s any good it stands on its own merits.

And because it can come from practically anywhere, it engenders what’s best about free markets. Once you remove the barriers to entry, that enables the markets to decide the content’s relative worth and importance.

Good works thrive, while lesser ones falter. In the end, it’s the audience that decides.

But while much of the world is focused on what’s going on in online video, it partly ignores the contributions of another creative class–writers.

That’s why, starting today, Quantum Investor will seek out the opinions and editorial commentary of our readers.


Our goal is a simple one. It’s to create a community–a place where the free exchange of ideas and information from individuals can benefit the whole. This is, after all, a marketplace of ideas.

So as your editor, I invite you to submit your articles for publication in these very pages. I can’t promise you that they will run, but if it well written and offers our readers a point of view that can benefit them, I can assure you that I will bring it to them.

Here’s a description of what we are looking for:

  • Stay on Topic–Our readers are interested in the groundbreaking ideas that shape the markets. Bring them into our community or add to what we have already covered and your work will be published.
  • Be specific–Write about a particular stock or idea, not general market commentary.
  • Be fundamentalWhen writing about a stock, address the company’s competitive environment, management, products, corporate strategy, earnings outlook, valuation and balance sheet. We do not publish pure technical analysis. Specific buy and sell recommendations will not be published.
  • Be opiniated but logicalWe welcome pro and con arguments, but be sure to provide sound, in-depth reasoning for your positions.
  • Be uniqueWrite about stocks or ideas that others aren’t talking about. If you do cover something well known, bring a new perspective that others may have missed.
  • Be knownProviding your real identity will build credibility and reputation. If you’re an expert in the field, let us know about it.
  • Be shortSubmissions should range between 500 and 800 words. Longer pieces can be run in two parts.
  • Be creativeWrite in a way that captures and keeps the readers attention.

Follow these guidelines and your work will be published. All submissions will be edited, so make sure that you attach them as Word docs.

Send them to using the subject line "QI submission." Our staff will review your work and let you know whether or not it meets our criteria. Approved content will be worked into our weekly schedule.

Web 2.0 has now arrived here at Quantum Investor, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Good ideas, after all, come from many sources.

Wishing you happiness, health, and wealth,


Steve Christ, Editor