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Marine Uniform Banned from High School Graduation

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted June 6, 2013

Just when I thought some of these school administrators couldn’t get any more insane, I came across this headline. . .

“School won’t let student wear Marine Corps uniform at graduation”

Yes, you read that correctly. A patriotic young man by the name of Brandon Garabrant just completed boot camp, but was told by administrators that he cannot wear his uniform at graduation and could only wear his cap and gown. Unreal.

One of the most honorable things a young person can do is serve his country. And as students prepare to walk across the stage and accept their diplomas, seeing a young man in his marine uniform would not only be inspirational, but could even serve us motivation for other young people getting ready to head out into the world.

It is because of people like Brandon Garabrant that we enjoy many of the freedoms we take for granted today. That should not be hidden, but instead, celebrated.

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