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Let's Face it... Hillary is Guilty of a Major Crime

Written By Jeff Edwards

Posted January 26, 2016

Before you get all upset with me and think that this is about to be some sort of partisan hack on Hillary Clinton, I want you to know that I honestly don’t care if you decide to vote for her after you read this.

I had my reasons to not vote for Hillary Clinton long before the email scandal broke, and you likely had yours to vote for her as well.

I mean, if you’re already on the left wing of the political spectrum, it’s not like you have many choices.

Do you vote for someone who committed a criminal act or the self-admitted socialist with the plan to bankrupt America like Greece?

I’m not here to make a conservative out of anyone, but I am here to talk about facts.

Do as you want with them, but the obvious evidence tells us that Hillary Clinton is guilty.

Should You Even Care?

The truth is, some crimes we just don’t care about. Let’s take Hillary’s other half, for example.

Of course, Bill Clinton perjured himself, and of course, it was technically a crime. No matter how you spin it, he got it on with Monica Lewinsky and then lied about it under oath.

His legal defense was to argue the definition of the word “is,” which basically boils down to defining oral sex versus regular intercourse.

He was able to take such an asinine route in his defense because he knew he would not be found guilty.

There were obvious political motivations for pursuing the impeachment, and given the breakdown of the Senate at the time, he was never going to be convicted.

All he had to do was put on a good show of defense and then walk away as if he was vindicated.

Did Bill Clinton commit a crime? Yes, he absolutely did commit perjury.

Does America really care? No, because the lie was about something personal, a little dirty, and one a lot of Americans can probably empathize with when they consider he had to confess shortcomings not just to his wife and child but the entire nation.

Hillary Clinton’s offense is a good deal more serious than that.

At this point, it is without a doubt clear that she sent classified material over her private email server.

In fact, some of the material is so classified that even members of Congress conducting the investigation don’t have the authority to see it. That is beyond the shadow of a doubt at this point.

She argues that others have done the same, but the fact remains she committed a crime. Just the facts, ma’am.

Political Cover is Great Cover

Like Hillary’s husband in his illicit affairs, the best defense for a politician is just to claim that it is politically motivated.

Because in America, we might actually like criminals more than the other political party.

Perhaps that is a sad state for the nation to be in, but I think I’m pretty close to right on that.

When it comes to a presidential candidate, particularly one with as divisive a history as Hillary Clinton, it is hard for politics not to come into play, even if you did your best to avoid it.

So not only is claiming political attack a good defense, but it’s probably true to some degree.

But that doesn’t mean a crime was not committed.

Thanks to the blizzard hitting the East Coast this week, the State Department asked for a one-month extension on turning over the rest of Hillary Clinton’s emails to the investigation.

In one month, the primary season will be well underway, and any revelations might be too late to affect the race.

Or at least, that’s what Hillary is hoping, I believe.

The truth is, the only attack that could truly sink her is an indictment under this current administration, where the guise of it all being a political attack has less merit.

But then the party is left with Bernie Sanders as its nominee, and I do believe the Democrats are worried he can’t win the general election as a socialist.

It’s possible the Democrats could be trying to line up other candidates as we speak.

There is a rumor going around that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a run to simply be an option if this entire thing blows up on Clinton.

But in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you care if Hillary Clinton committed a crime.

Because she did — that is about as obvious as a mid-1990s Monica Lewinsky visit to the Oval Office.

Think what you will about it, but the definition of “is” just so happens to be exactly what we think it to be, whether it holds up in court or not.

So still vote for her if you want — this was not a political attack, just a dragnet-style investigation of just the facts.

Just be honest with yourself that you are opting to overlook it.