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Jim Rogers on Freddie and Fannie

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted July 17, 2008


If there is one investor who has not only seen it all, but has also called it all this go round it has to be Jim Rogers.

He made a fortune during the 70’s and is at again. It almost like he has seen this movie before and in many ways I guess he has.

Rogers has been long commodities since 1998 the year he started his Rogers Commodity Index. And of course he has been screaming about the financials now for years. He’s been short practically all of them including Freddie and Fannie.

And no he hasn’t covered those shorts yet. According to him it’s only going to worse.

Cue the video.

By the way, Jim Rogers isn’t the only one that’s angry.

Here’s the Jim Bunning video I wrote about the other day.  Good stuff.