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It's Illegal to Feed the Homeless in Florida!

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted December 2, 2013

It was clearly the crime of the century.

At the John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Florida, members of a local church set off alarms after having the audacity to distribute Thanksgiving meals to the homeless.

That’s right, this clever act of domestic terrorism drew the ire of a local park ranger who valiantly enforced local regulations by forcing the moral do-gooders, with their styrofoam containers filled with turkey and mashed potatoes, to vacate the park immediately.

Apparently, it’s illegal to feed the homeless in the park. Wonder what happens if you feed the birds with stale bread and crackers?

If I lived closer to the John Prince Park, I would actually walk down there right now with sandwiches and apples for the homeless. And it would take an army to move me.

I applaud the members of the Act2 Worship Center, and support their efforts to feed the homeless while the nation continues to struggle against the backdrop of a crumbling economy.