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Investing in Marijuana Delivery Services

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted August 6, 2015

weeddeliveryIn high school, I used to buy pot from a girl in my algebra class.

Here name was Theresa, and she was pretty solid, never sold me any bad weed, and was always more than happy to deliver it to my house after school.

Although I don’t have much use for pot anymore, this was my first experience …

Show up to algebra class, give her the money, and after school she would swing by and drop it off. To be honest, that’s pretty much how I thought it was typically done. But the truth is, Theresa was way ahead of her time.


As the foundation of marijuana prohibition continues to crack under the pressure of common sense and millions of rational voices, all kinds of new opportunities are appearing in the marijuana space. One in particular is the marijuana delivery service.

Of course, such a thing has long existed. It’s just that it was illegal. But with more and more states and provinces legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, it’s now existing on the up and up.

As an investor, I’m always looking for a new opportunity. And in the marijuana space, there are certainly some good ones. GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH) has actually been a very good one for me this year, delivering gains of nearly 70%, YTD.


Then there are the private companies and small start-ups, looking to raise capital to take their businesses to the next level. Some of these companies are marijuana delivery services.

In this day and age, we really are used to a ridiculous amount of convenience. 24-hour grocery stores, instant downloads of new movie releases, the ability to send inappropriate texts and video at any time, anywhere.

So why shouldn’t we expect to have our weed delivered right to our doorstep. Truth is, there isn’t much you can’t get delivered today. Food, clothes, a 55-gallon barrel of water-based lubricant.


If it’s out there, chances are you can find a driver to happily deliver your package.

Although I must admit, lately there seems to be way too many folks putting way to much emphasis on marijuana delivery companies.

Yes, I get it. It’s convenient: A huge selling point. But seriously, how many options do I really need for marijuana delivery? Truth is, if I ran a dispensary, I’d probably just hire my own drivers and use the delivery service as a profit center.

Then there’s this company called Trees, which is now planning to deliver marijuana using drones.

It’s a nice marketing gimmick, but that’s about it. After all, if Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) can’t get the FAA to amend its regulations on delivery drones, I’m pretty sure a pot delivery company has no shot.

budboxThat’s not to say Trees doesn’t have some good things going for it. I actually like the fact that it sells specialty boxes that contain various strains and accessories. It also accepts bitcoin, which is a big plus in my book.

The truth is, a lot of money is going to be made with these marijuana delivery services, and I wish nothing but success for those companies that are thinking out of the box in an effort to get first-mover advantage in a market that will one day be free from the dangerous and misguided confines of prohibition.

But as long as the federal government continues to classify marijuana as a schedule 1 substance, opportunity will be limited. And that, dear ready, is a tragedy. Not just for the sake of personal sovereignty and individual liberties, but for the sake of making money.

Still, mark my words: An absolute fortune is going to be made in the marijuana space. And even in the presence of a tyrannical government, this burgeoning market is already starting to build serious wealth for those with the stones to purse it.

Invest accordingly.