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I'm Proud of Senator Cruz

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted October 9, 2013

My first year working on Capitol Hill was 1994 – – the year of the great Revolution. The Contract with America. Newt Gingrich was king. Republicans had the House and Senate. We were going to balance the budget, reform welfare, and cut taxes. As we saw it, this was our emancipation from the liberals’ 40 year reign. Seriously, it was a magical time.

You could feel the excitement in the air — newly minted Congressman and Senators, sporting their shiny new Members’ pins, getting settled in their offices, carpeted in red. It really was a time of hope, and I believed it fully. I think they did too.

I guess it was too good to be true, because if Republicans had kept that passion and promise, we wouldn’t be so in debt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Republicans solely, but I can’t help but to be disappointed in my party for not staying strong and keeping their convictions about spending.

Clinton was our president then, and we had to compromise, but that’s just part of democracy. Unfortunately, now we have a president who won’t even negotiate. He even called our representatives in for a meeting, only to sit them down to say he won’t negotiate about the Obamacare Shutdown.

Republicans now have a chance to make up for what we lost all those years ago. We can take a stand against the oppression waged by the radical left and their socialist agenda. Raising the debt ceiling, printing money left and right, and overspending. It’s a disaster. But Obamacare is the last straw, and I’m proud that Senator Ted Cruz and other conservatives are defending Americans from all income brackets.

I’m not saying health care doesn’t need to be addressed — it does. I understand from personal experience. My daughter has kidney disease, and was denied insurance. That was an infuriating moment, but she was eventually covered because of HIPPA. So I’m not removed from the realities. In fact, I’m closer to the realities than ever before, as I see friends discover in utter horror their premiums have doubled. A friend of mine is a California teacher, and his insurance went from $450 to $900 a month. Another friend works retail, and his insurance was jacked up $200 a month. That’s a week’s worth of groceries. How is this program helping the average person? My husband and I are waiting nervously for our big Obamacare surprise.

I could attempt a complicated analysis of Obamacare, but the fact is, no one really understands the program fully, or its implications. Not even the president. All we can do is collectively hold our breath and wait for the dreaded note from HR or letter from our insurance companies. But until then, we need to keep fighting against policies which assume American families are the cash-cow for empty political promises.