How Delaware Could Power Planet Earth

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

I want you to take a close, hard look at the map below. 

Delaware Map

What you’re seeing is the map of the United States with the state of Delaware — the second-smallest state in the Union — highlighted in red. 

Delaware’s surface area is just under 2,000 square miles. You can cross the state, north to south, in less than two hours. Starting at the Atlantic coast and heading west, at its widest point, you would be at the Maryland border in about 30 minutes.

Its nickname is the "Small Wonder," so this lack of physical size is not lost on its inhabitants, but small does not mean insignificant. 

Two thousand square miles, or about 1.3 million acres, represents about about 1/100,000th, or 0.001%, of the world’s total land mass. 

Again, a minuscule fraction, but even within such a small land area, amazing things can happen.

One of those things is electric power generation. Take that 2,000 square miles and convert it all into one major solar collection array and you’ve got yourself enough production capacity to power the entire planet.

Our Energy Problems Are Actually Smaller Than You Think

That’s right, the whole of humanity, with all of its cities, towns, factories, schools, hospitals, and enough dwellings to house 8 billion people, could all powered by this relatively tiny patch of real estate.

Now, while this may seem amazing, it was an utterly impossible concept, even in theory, just a short time ago. 

You see, it took a major breakthrough in solar collection technology to arrive at this level of efficiency. 

A few years ago, it would have taken 10 times this amount of land to do the same thing, and even then it would have been impossible to pull off for another reason. 

You see electricity doesn’t arrive to its destination in the same form that it departs the production facility. 

With distance comes power loss. For every mile that electrons have to travel, more and more charge is lost along the way. 

This presents an especially big problem for major metropolitan areas, as real estate prices and zoning prevent any substantial chunks of land from being implemented for industrial needs like power generation. 

Distance: The Biggest Enemy of Clean Energy

Put plainly, you can’t stick a 1,000-acre solar farm anywhere near a city, let alone close enough for efficient power delivery. 

Unless, of course, you changed the very nature of the solar farm… and that is precisely what’s happening now, thanks to a Vancouver-based startup. 

By doing what urban planners did for residential and commercial real estate more than a century ago, this company is now making it possible to plant megawatts of production capacity not just close to city limits, but within them. 

Behold, the solar tower.

vertical solar

Using this approach, an acre-sized solar power production array can now fit on a footprint only about 20 feet square — the size of a large living room. 

Stick a bunch of these in and around an urban center and you could potentially decrease even a massive city’s carbon footprint down to almost nothing.

So is this the answer to our global power conundrum? 

Vertical Solar Could Be Coming to a Skyline Near You

It very well could be, because when stripped of the aforementioned technical limitations, solar power is actually pretty close to perfect. 

It’s free, it’s clean, and it’s the definition of abundant. In fact, the sun provides more energy in a single hour than humanity consumes every year. 

All that was lacking was a proper way to collect and distribute it, and with this tech firm’s innovations, those issues too have been addressed. 

This company is young, small, and, unlike most competitors, focused on this problem and this problem alone. 

As a result, it stands as the only vertical solar pure play trading on the public markets today. 

Yes, you heard me right, even at a startup-level valuation of less than US$20 million, this company is already trading on not one but two North American exchanges 

You don’t need a broker or wealth manager to buy the stock. All you need is an online trading platform and a ticker symbol and you’re in the next-gen solar business. 

Stop Investing, Become a Venture Capitalist

It’s that simple. 

Of course, you’re going to need to do your due diligence before you start buying, and that’s something I’d be happy to help you with. 

My media production team recently rushed this report through production to get it into the hands of my premium readers in record time. 

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For small companies like this, that could mean massive leaps in market cap growth in short order. 

So don’t take your time. This knowledge will cost you nothing but could change everything. 

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Fortune favors the bold,

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