The Unsung Hero of Our Green Future

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend and are easing back into the week well.

I had a little extra time in my schedule, a rarity these days, and I wanted to share a little bit of interesting research I’ve been working on with you…

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately really digging into the renewable energy transition and the meteoric growth of the electric vehicle market.

And I’ve been shocked, amazed, concerned, and excited by the data I’ve been uncovering. One particular statistic really got me thinking about the kinds of profits well-positioned investors could make, though.

And I want to talk about that market with you today and share everything I’ve learned (as well as a stock pick I’m convinced is going to make early investors EXTREMELY happy once all’s said and done).

So let’s get into it, shall we?

The Unsung Hero of Renewable Energy, EVs, and the Whole “Green Revolution”

Did you know there's an incredibly important resource that's quietly making a huge impact on our journey to a more sustainable future?

It's something we don't often talk about, but it's playing a crucial role in helping us transition to renewable energy and zero-emission transportation.

Honestly, this resource could perhaps be the most vital piece of the “green revolution.”

And I'm going to spill the beans on exactly how significant it is and why the EV industry AND renewable energy are about to hit a major shortage.

Powering Renewable Energy

OK, here's the deal. We all want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, right?

Environmental reasons aside, there’s only so much of them to go around, and a lot of the countries that produce them are either less than friendly with the U.S. (i.e., Russia) or somewhat unstable (i.e., the Middle East).

So it’s not just an environmental thing; it’s a national security thing, too. We just can’t afford to be reliant on other countries for our energy needs.

Fortunately for us, we’ve got a secret weapon — the resource in question…

It's basically the magic ingredient that makes renewable energy technologies work (it’s actually critical to ALL energy technologies, for that matter, but I digress).

You know those wind turbines popping up out at sea and in mountain passes all around the world?

And the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of solar panels filling out vast fields in the solar farms you've seen as you drive across the country?

Well, this resource is the special ingredient that helps us generate clean electricity from those sources AND get it to the places where we need to use it.

Without enough of it, our dreams of a greener future will hit a major roadblock…

Because every wind turbine has nearly a ton of this material inside it…

And every one of those massive solar fields has 5.5 tons of this resource for every megawatt it's capable of generating.

So even a small 2.5-megawatt field that looks like this and can only power about 329 average American homes…

MD solar park

Contains 13.75 tons of this critical resource!

I know you’re starting to see why the resource in question is at the top of my mind these days, but there’s still a lot more to cover.

Fueling Zero-Emission Transportation

Now, let's talk about getting around without leaving a cloud of smog behind…

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction quickly, and they're a big part of the solution.

MI Annual EV Sales Chart

But guess what… Our mystery resource is behind the scenes here too!

It plays a key role in making electric motors, batteries, and charging infrastructure that allow EVs to work.

A typical hybrid can have as much as 132 pounds of this resource in it, while a plug-in electric vehicle like a Tesla contains a whopping 182 pounds per car.

Electric buses, as you can imagine, require a whole lot more, to the tune of as much as 750 pounds!

Every EV charger requires 17 pounds, and while that might not sound like much, multiply it by the millions of chargers we’ll need to support a fully electrified fleet and you’ve got a pretty large number.

But unfortunately, there’s a BIG problem with our mysterious hero…

Brace Yourself for a Supply Shortage

Because our secret resource is facing a bit of a challenge lately, and if you bear with me, I’m going to explain why…

You see, over the past few years, there has been a drop in exploration efforts to find more of this valuable resource.

But the problem is the demand for it keeps growing… and the supply hasn't been keeping up…

So as more and more people realize the importance of renewable energy and zero-emission transportation…

They're hopping on board, investing in green technologies… But guess what?

They all need this resource to make it happen.

Regrettably, the exploration of new sources has been lagging so far behind that we might be facing a MASSIVE shortage sooner than we think.

FG Mine Supply vs Demand Chart

I don't want to sound alarmist, but it's important to be aware of this potential challenge so we can tackle it head-on instead of acting surprised when (not if) it happens.

Because as the demand continues to rise and the supply doesn't keep pace, it could lead to not just increased costs, but also delays in achieving our sustainable goals.

When BNPL Means "Buy Now, Profit Later"

But there's a silver lining: Recognizing this issue early on presents an opportunity for savvy investors like you and me to get ahead of the game.

So I’m including a special report today in which I dive deeper into this critical mineral and the growing supply shortage that could derail the renewable energy and electric vehicle industry…

Plus, I share some incredibly valuable insights on how you can potentially capitalize on the rising demand and secure your piece of the pie.

Because I think you’ll agree that the best thing we can do as investors is turn this global challenge into a golden opportunity!

So take some time out of your schedule today and check out my report, where I unlock all the secrets and reveal how you can seize this moment for your benefit.

It could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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