The World Just Got a New Best Battery!

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Over the past few years, a little-known company has been developing a new type of battery…

It doesn’t rely on expensive, supply-constrained lithium from China.

It doesn’t contain any explosive elements like hydrogen fuel cells.

In fact, it’s two main components are nothing more than steel and concrete.

Yet, as of earlier this week, it’s now the best grid-level energy storage system the planet has to offer…

With a round-trip efficiency (the percentage of energy generated that can be stored and released later) of 80%, it’s more efficient than all other forms of mechanical, thermodynamic, compressed air, or flow battery systems.

And again, it contains no hazardous, flammable chemicals.

It requires no expensive, supply-constrained lithium…

Plus, it isn’t subject to the whims of authoritarian governments.

Newton’s Apple

I call it the "Newton Battery," because it relies on a force as old as the universe itself: gravity…

Similar to systems known as pumped hydro (which account for the vast majority of energy storage today), this newly commissioned energy storage titan uses heavy weights and the endless power of gravity to store and later release energy onto the grid.

It was first debuted in Switzerland, where it’s still helping supply backup power to the electric grid.

And it’s already been adopted by several U.S. states including Nevada, Texas, and California.

In fact, it’s so powerful and so efficient that the nation’s largest electric utility recently inked a multimillion-dollar deal with the company behind it to help modernize the utility's storage capacity.

But as electrifying as all those projects are (pun intended), it’s one in China that’s really got me pounding the table with excitement.

I mean, imagine: China holds the world’s battery industry hostage by controlling over 70% of the market for refined lithium…

But even with that lithium-ion dominance, it’s chosen to hang its hopes for carbon reduction, renewable energy, and a stable grid on an American company!

And this American company just accomplished what many analysts thought was impossible.

It just commissioned the world’s first commercial, utility-scale, non-pumped hydro gravity energy storage system in the history of the world!

But that’s not the end of it…

The system’s testing was so successful that the company’s partners announced last week that they’ve already entered into another contract to build another Newton Battery.

While the first will provide stable power to the industrial manufacturing hub of Shanghai, this second will supply stable, eco-friendly green electricity to data centers in Hebei Province.

Not only do these projects shine a light on the impressive technology the company behind the battery has developed…

But they also highlight the strong demand and value proposition for the Newton Battery gravity energy storage technology.

And they offer a glimpse of the valuable impact this new energy storage titan’s technology can have in the very near term when it comes to reducing pollution and maintaining constant access to grid-level power.

We Don’t Need No Water

But you may be asking yourself… Why concrete? Why not just use water like all those pumped-hydro systems?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. There’s not always water that can be used to store energy…

In some places, it freezes. In others, it’s just not there to be used at all.

Take Saudi Arabia, for example. It’s got lots of people and big energy needs, but it’s in the desert.

So there’s not a ton of extra water around to be pumped back and forth to store energy.

That’s why the Saudis not only invested in the company behind the Newton Battery, but also commissioned an energy storage facility like the one in China.

While the one in China will be connected to a wind power project and used to store that energy for later use, the Saudi project will be adjacent to the world’s largest solar field.

And it’ll be used to store enough energy to power over 4 MILLION Saudi households!

These are the princes of oil… going all-in on renewable power… and selecting the Newton Battery to store all of it!

If that’s not an impressive endorsement of the technology, I don’t know what is.

You’ve got the biggest electric utility in the United States, one-third of the U.S. power grid (Texas), the biggest polluter with the biggest ambitions to cut emissions, and the country that pretty much defined the market for fossil fuels…

And they’re all relying on one company and its impressive new technology to deliver stable, grid-level power and keep the lights on and the economy humming.

The Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime

But the thing is, not many investors are paying attention. They’re too focused on older storage methods like lithium-ion.

And that creates an opportunity for in-the-know investors to profit when the rest of the market figures out what’s going on and shifts allocations en masse.

That kind of action would send the shares of this little firm soaring, from under $5 a share to as high as $20.

And that would just be the start…

As the technology is adopted by more and more electrical grid operators, power companies, and government agencies, the rally could go a whole lot higher.

In fact, in a research report I recently released to the members of my premium investing community, I’ve got a long-term price target of $100.

And while that would represent a 3,233% gain from where the shares currently trade, I’m convinced that it’s entirely possible (and could even be a little conservative).

This company has revolutionized the energy storage market. It’s created a better mousetrap…

And now everyone from grid operators to national governments is beating a path straight to its front door.

And because all this good news has me so excited, I want to share the report I recently sent to my investors with you.

It’s got all the details about this company, how its technology works, where it’s already in use, and how you can get invested now, BEFORE the rest of the market realizes this is the future emperor of energy storage.

I also threw together a presentation for my members who prefer to digest their information in documentary form.

It’s got all the same information as the report, it's got amazing production value (thanks to my top-notch production team), and you’ll get to hear all about this opportunity directly from me.

But it really doesn’t matter how you get it. It’s what you do with the information that’s really important.

Will you get yourself invested to ride this proven winner all the way to the bank?

Or will you let another opportunity to invest in the future pass you by?

I already know what my decision is. And I know what my investors have decided too.

I hope you’ll join us. But the final choice, as always, is in your hands.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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