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Hilary Clinton and the Kennedy Assassination

Written By Geoffrey Pike

Posted September 14, 2015

clinton88Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed Janice Jacobs to the newly created position of Transparency Coordinator, also being referred to as “email czar”. The main purpose of the new position is coordinating responses to the large volume of document requests that are mostly related to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

While it is understandable that the State Department needs to address the increased workload, there are a few problems here.

First, why does she have to be an “email czar”? The term originates from the name “Caesar” and was used to designate Russian monarchs in pre-World War I Europe. The U.S. government freely uses the term with its aura of dictatorial powers.

Aside from the symbolic name though, this appointment of Janice Jacobs already smells of corruption. This should not be too surprising when it comes to the federal government, particularly anything involving the Clintons.

As reported by Judicial Watch, Jacobs is a former career diplomat. She contributed $2,700 to the Hillary for America campaign fund. How many people do you know who have ever donated that much money to a presidential campaign?

Jacobs has previously worked for the State Department as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services and Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs (nominated by President George W. Bush). In other words, she is not exactly an objective party in this.

This reminds me of the Warren Commission that was set up to investigate the Kennedy assassination. One of the members appointed to the commission was Allen Dulles, who was fired as head of the CIA by Kennedy.

If you don’t believe that the official story about the Kennedy assassination is true, then Allen Dulles should be a top suspect in the conspiracy; yet he was one of the “investigators”.

When you rig the game like this, then you don’t have to worry about the answers. Does anyone really believe that Jacobs will be objective in this whole investigation of Clinton and her emails? Will Jacobs turn over documents that would make Hillary Clinton look even more corrupt than she already does?

We can’t be completely certain that Jacobs is being put in this place to defend Clinton. There are insiders everywhere in Washington DC. It is even possible that the establishment does not want Hillary Clinton as president for some reason, perhaps because there is bigger baggage that may still come out. Jacobs could be there to quietly defuse the situation as the party establishment convinces Clinton to drop out of the race. Time will tell if Clinton survives this email scandal and any other scandal that may come up.

What’s an Outsider To Do?

The whole system really is rigged. And while I am a big critic of Clinton, we should not be fooled that this is limited to a small group of people, or even one party. There is corruption and insider games going on all of the time.

We also shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this is a new phenomenon. Some people falsely believe that the government is far more corrupt today than it was in the past. This may only be true in the sense that the government is bigger and has more bureaucrats.

Really, the new phenomenon is that we live in a different world of communication today. The so-called mainstream media does not control most of the content as it once did.

Is CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN going to report the connections of Janice Jacobs to Hillary Clinton? If they do, it will only be because of pressure to do so because the story is out on the internet and it can no longer be ignored.

Perhaps Fox News will go after it because it involves a Democrat, but we can’t even be certain about that.

So while it is easy to be pessimistic because we hear so much more about corruption and cronyism inside the beltway, it is actually a positive development. This has been going on for a long time. We now hear these stories more frequently because we are not dependent on the mainstream media to report them.

The other thing to consider in all of this is that we should never be surprised to see major abuses of power in any big government, particularly when it comes to Washington DC. As long as politicians have power, they are going to use it, and it is typically going to be for purposes that we would not consider good.

We like to get involved in discussions about political campaigns, and in many cases the political races can be good entertainment. But the political establishment actually likes elections because it makes people feel as though they are in charge.

But elections do not stop corruption and cronyism. The only way to stop this is to significantly reduce political power. The only way for this to happen is for the people to demand it. This doesn’t mean electing the “right” person. It means a withdrawal of consent to big government and all of its power. It means a major shift in public opinion.

Until then, at least we have the internet to expose some of the corruption that is going on behind the scenes. Two decades ago, we wouldn’t have been hearing any of this.