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Have U.S. Markets Been Rigged?

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted January 11, 2010

We’ll let this video speak for itself, but it is interesting to note that some well-known names are now asking the questions that we and some others have been asking for a very long time.


Are the markets of 2009 and this year being rigged?

Charles Biderman, CEO of Trim Tabs Investment Research, believes the Fed and the U.S. government have been behind an illogical stock market rally. “We have no evidence they are, but they could be,” Biderman says. But “since the middle of March, the market cap of all U.S. stocks has soared more than $6 trillion serving to soothe investors’ frazzled nerves…”

“The U.S. government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to support the auto industry, the housing market, and the banks and brokers. Why not support the stock market as well? So far as we know, it is not illegal for the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Treasury to buy S&P 500 futures. Moreover, several officials have suggested the government should support stock prices.”