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Graphene Investing Grows

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 29, 2013

One of the hottest substances on the planet right now, graphene, is looking to an enjoy some added success in the near future. 

GrapheneFor those who haven’t already heard of graphene, the properties of the material can come as somewhat of a shock. While the substance may be made out of the same materials that one finds on the tip of a pencil, it happens to be ten times the strength of steel and quite a bit lighter in weight.

It should come as no surprise that a material this unique holds a great deal of potential in a variety of different industries, and now investors are beginning to take note.

Companies the world over are looking towards graphene as a potential profit hog in both the short and long term. Given the fact that the substance is derived from graphite—a relatively reasonable and easy-to-source material—graphene can be produced at lower costs than many other materials it could replace.

In the U.S., for example, American Graphite Technologies Inc. (OTC: AGIN) has partnered with CTI Nanotechnologies LLC to ramp up R&D on graphene paper technology, something that both companies believe has a bright future ahead of it.

A Multitude of Uses

At face value, graphene may not seem like the most exciting material in the world. After all, it’s derived from a substance that many people take for granted in daily life—graphite.

What sets graphene apart, however, is the fact that it has a great deal of potential in many different applications.

It’s interesting to note that plastics companies are putting a great deal of focus on the future of the material, pointing to the fact that it can be utilized in many similar ways to the substance is found in nearly everything we use.

But graphene is not simply “the new plastic.” Because the material has conductivity properties, it can be used in a variety of different electronic applications.

One of the biggest pushes for the future of graphene is as a replacement for silicon, which is more expensive and serves a crucial role in the future of the world’s technology. Tech firms are jumping at the chance to corner graphene and figure out ways to incorporate the material into their products, as it could end up helping not only to cut costs, but also to improve the efficiency of electronics.

Finally, the medical industry is also paying close attention to graphene. Because of its strength, it has the potential to replace steel in a variety of applications and could improve hospitals throughout the world if properly implemented.

The Future of Graphene

As knowledge of graphene’s applications becomes more prominent, it should stand to reason that companies of all kinds will do what they can to get involved. The substance will continue to be mined and worked with, as it is mainly in the research stage at the moment given the fact that it was just discovered within the last few years.

It is perhaps the freshness of graphene, however, that gives it such exciting potential. No one truly knows the limits of the substance, and it could take years before its true power is discovered.

From an investment standpoint, graphene is looking to be a hot ticket in the near future. Investors, especially those interested in technology, should keep an eye on graphene. Now is the time to get involved, as stocks are likely to rise once graphene becomes a household term.

It may be years until the substance is fully integrated, but if all goes as planned, all types of technology will make use of graphene in one way or another. The substance could help to streamline a variety of different industries, and it could even serve to replace materials that are used today.

For investors with a strong interest in the tech or medical world, it’s difficult to think of a material more worth focusing on right now than graphene.


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