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Gold Stock Investments

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted July 18, 2009

There’s always a bull market somewhere. . .

Right now could be the most profitable time to be a gold investor, according to Brian Hicks, publisher of Wealth Daily.

Sure, in recent months, gold was back around $1,000 an ounce and got shot down.

But we think we’ll see $1,000 again. Heck, we could even see $1,500 to $1,600 on consideration of a second stimulus and growing, unsustainable debt, to which dollar flooding has become the only solution.

Mark these words: now is the opportune time to buy gold.

It’s virtually begging to be bought, as we enter the third and final stage of the correction in gold stocks. We’re talking about the potential to see a 1970s-style final stage 750% run in gold.

Gold Prices Are Due for a Prolonged Rally as the Recession Deepens

So says Peter Schiff, the financial guru who (along with us) predicted the subprime meltdown and ensuing recession. “If you really want to grow your wealth, you should own gold in the mining sector. With gold stocks, there’s obviously a lot of leverage to higher gold prices,” he says.

“With gold stocks, there’s obviously a lot of leverage to higher gold prices. As millions or billions of people discover gold as a store of value and as a way to escape inflation, there’s going to be tremendous demand and somebody’s going to have to supply that demand. It’s obviously going to have to be mined,” he says. “So the companies that have gold and mine it are going to see profit margins explode.”

And the scenario will likely be strengthened, as strong demand outweighs global output. In fact, world gold production has declined since peaking in 2001, despite gold’s $600 rise.

“Mines are not as productive as they used to be. Supply is very constrained. So if we get a big increase in demand, there are really no significant new gold deposits that are going to come on-stream any time soon. So the companies that are already producing are simply going to be able to get a lot more money for the ounces that they pull out of the ground,” Schiff added.

Even David Einhorn’s Greenlight Captial is bullish, telling investors it’s shifting all of its holdings in a gold ETF into bullion in Q2 2009, and alerting clients that he was “buying gold for the first time amid the threat of inflation from higher government spending.”

Even COMEX traders are predicting higher gold. . . possibly $1,600 by December 2009, which would firmly put 100,000 call option contracts in the money.

Gold’s going much higher, folks. Now is the time you want to be buying gold.

Good Investing,

Ian L. Cooper


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Ian Cooper’s Market Insider

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And it’s not likely to get any better any time soon.

In fact, real estate experts and regulators just finished warning a U.S. Congressional committee that commercial real estate is headed for a crash that “could eclipse the devastating slump of the early 1990s.”

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