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Global Warming--The Great Vote-Getter!

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted May 25, 2007

Wednesday marked the eleventh straight day that gas prices reached record highs. It also marked the longest period of time gas has been more than $3 per gallon–dubious records, to say the least.

Regular unleaded at the pump climbed all the way to a national average of $3.221 per gallon, with only one state, New Jersey, remaining below the $3 threshold.

Over the last month, gas prices have risen 12.9%, with a 3.8% rise last week alone.

All in all, rate hikes at the pump have cost each car an additional $146 so far this year.

And with the summer driving season commencing this weekend with the celebration of Memorial Day, it seems there is no relief in sight.

Of course, we’ve been telling you this was going to happen for some time now. And we haven’t hidden the fact that as oil and gas prices rise, so will the value of the alternative energy market.

It’s not rocket science, folks.

Global Warming–The Great Vote-Getter!

There’s no doubt that the Democrats used the global warming issue to get votes. Whether they believe this stuff is real or not is irrelevant.

Facts are facts.

Global warming is a vote-getter. And job number one for a politician is to get re-elected.

Now, as investors, we really don’t care either way.

We simply look for opportunities and strike.

And we make no apologies about that, either.

Savvy energy investors knew that the very day the Democrats took over, alternative energy stocks were going to get a boost. For no other reason than the mountain of global warming and alternative energy legislation the Democrats had lined up.

Now whether you believe global warming is real or not isn’t important.

Most people these days do believe it–and that means politicians will cater to them.

Remember . . . it’s all about votes!

But it will take a lot more than just legislation to sustain the alternative energy industry.

Long-term potential is what the market wants to see.

And long-term potential is exactly what the market is getting.

Based on the most recent assessments from the American Council on Renewable Energy and the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Caucuses of the US Senate and US House of Representatives, it is possible for the US to get 25% of its energy supply from renewable energy sources by 2025.

And you better believe the market movers are paying attention.

Take a look at some of these headlines since the beginning of the year:

· Wal-Mart Readies Large-Scale Move into Solar Power

· GM Introduces Plug-in Electric Car

· Bank of America Banks $20 Billion to Grow Green Economy

· Citibank Targets $50 Billion over 10 Years to Address Climate Change

· Clean Technology Surges with $48 Billion in Funding

This is happening, my friends.

And as investors, we’d be fools not to profit from it.

Of course, you know what they say . . .

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Now what I’m about to show you isn’t intended to be some kind of chest-pounding ego-fest.

But the fact is, I’ve been at this for a long time. And I know that investors don’t pay attention unless you show them the numbers.

So take a look at the numbers Alternative Energy Traders see every time they log on:

Symbol Buy Price Sell Price Total Gain Time
DVSA$9.93$11.0010.77%6 days
XTX$7.53$8.3510.88%7 days
CSIQ$10.88$12.2912.95%31 days
DVSA$10.38$11.056.45%12 days
HYGS$1.25$1.293.2%35 days
ALTI$2.50$2.8313.2%6 days
SATC$1.23$1.3812.19%5 days
QTWW$1.60$1.487.5%43 days
EBOF.OB$0.72$0.8011.11%1 day
OEGY.OB$0.50$0.5612%1 day
GSGF.OB$1.65$2.2033.33%3 hours
SATC$1.28$1.4513.28%15 days
HOKU$5.94$5.841.68%1 day
ALTI$2.91$3.3515.12%23 days
DVSA$10.80$12.1112.12%1 hour
APV.V$1.25$1.6028%1 day
EVCC.OB$2.58$2.694.2%1 day
TSL$39.75$45.5114.49%6 days
FTEK$24.17$25.505.5%44 days
ENA$3.65$4.4020.54%4 days
IFUE.OB$0.51$0.5711.76%1 day
VRB.V$0.56$0.6210.71%1 day
SOEN.OB$1.43$1.5911.18%2 days
AMSC$14.11$14.030.56%13 days
TSL$41.92$47.4413.16%12 days
AVR$16.96$19.8817.21%36 days
BCON$0.83$0.9312.04%3 days
USBE$12.51$15.6425.01%17 days
ZAAP.OB$1.15$1.2710.43%90 minutes
PBOF.OB$0.95$1.005.26%19 days
ODYC.OB$1.17$1.4523.93%3 hours
OEGY.OB$0.44$0.5115.9%4 hours
AWNE.OB$0.83$1.0830.12%2 days
XTX.T$9.50$10.8714.42%43 days
ARTX$2.79$3.1011.11%2 days
2 days

Folks, this is just the past six months!

And the average hold time for these trades…11 days.

Listen, you don’t have to be a math whiz to see how quickly trades like these can add up.

In fact, if you had started with just $10,000, and been able to compound these gains (including the three losses), you’d be looking at a $649,090 profit. . . in only 6 months!

That’s how you make money, my friends!

Now this is usually the part where I tell you that if you’d like to learn more about Alternative Energy Trader to "click here."

But unfortunately, I can’t do that today.

Because the Alternative Energy Trader portfolio is so superior to nearly any other trading service out there that I’ve been told the membership limit has been filled.

However, we do have a waiting list that you are more than welcome to join.

You can click here for that.

When and if an opening occurs, we’ll send you more information on the service as well as an invitation to join.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to tap this market for a few quick trades, pay close attention to the progress that’s being made on all this global warming legislation on the Hill.

Washington has proven itself time and time again to be the best indicator when it comes to analyzing alternative energy markets.

And clearly our portfolio validates this.

Until next time . . .

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Jeff Siegel

Managing Editor, Alternative Energy Trader