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Dollar Vs. Gold Price

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 1, 2008

Here’s the general programing lineup for any major news network tonight:


The government media complex has put a full-court press attack on the precious metals and commodities markets in the past month.

Everywhere you turn in the main-stream media lately—CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Fox and the like—you hear about the death of the gold and the commodities bull markets. But when you look at the price of gold versus the value of the dollar, another truth becomes evident…

Gold Price Manipulation

The amount of disinformation, outright lies, and complete non-sense being spewed to the public by these manipulative vermin gives you a sense on just how desperate things have become.

Not to worry though. Every time the media has started a campaign like this in the past seven years, it’s usually been a sign that precious metals are ready to make another move higher. It really has been quite predictable.

This time around however, with the mother of all monetary crises knocking on the door, the latest smear campaign appears even more desperate than anything I have seen in the past.

Two quotes come to mind in this regard:

"There seems to be a correlation between the intensity of the official attacks on gold and the severity of the monetary crises" — Hans Sennholz, Advisor to Central Fund of Canada

"If ever there was an area in which to do the exact opposite of that which the government and media urge you to do, that area is the purchasing of gold" — Robert Ringer, Author of Restoring the American Dream

So, stay focused and don’t let all the rabble rousing from the powers that be get you upset. The acceleration of negative events is coming much quicker than expected and almost guarantees that precious metals are ready to make their biggest moves yet.

The current secular bull market in gold will continue to move forward in stages of increasing stature. No government agency or media report can prevent this from happening. All they can do at this point is to use their rapidly eroding power and influence to micromanage a very difficult and complex situation.

The U.S. Dollar Vs. The Price of Gold

Everytime I am asked to go on one of the main stream media venues to talk about the precious metals, they always have an anti-gold, anti-commodity person on board to bash whatever I say.

On one of the recent shows they asked me if I wanted to use any charts to explain my position.

I said, yes, I would like to use the US Dollar Index chart of the last ten years. As you may guess, they didn’t want any part of showing this pathetic chart, it just reveals too much shocking truth for the establishment to handle.

But here it is, the ten year chart of the US Dollar Index:


It shows a stomach turning fall that starts back in 2001 and represents a 40% drop in the value of a buck against a basket of six major world currencies during this time.

The future of the dollar against other world currencies is even more dismal and the main thrust for much higher gold prices.

How many times have we heard the main stream media in the past ten years try to talk up the dollar? It’s a complete joke and obviously has not worked. The same can be said about gold. How many times have we heard this crowd tell us gold is not going higher? A Bazillion times in the past seven years, and they have been wrong on every occasion. And do they ever acknowledge this fact? NEVER!

Regardless of how the PTB (Powers That Be) want to spin their webs of deceit, the one thing that tells the truth is the price of gold as priced in terms of a U.S. Dollar. The truth they can’t avoid at this point is that gold is going higher and the dollar is going much lower.

Which brings me to another great quote attributed to the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer:

"All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. And third it is accepted as being self-evident."

With regards to the truth about where the gold price is heading, it looks to me like society is now deeply entrenched in stage two. Unfortunately, the coming financial shockwaves that will bring the world to stage three will be devastating.

Good Investing,

Greg McCoach

P.S. About a year ago, I began telling reader about a special situation taking place in Northern China. A North American gold company landed a find so massive that investors could pick up an ounce for just $57. At that time, the stock was trading for $1.17 a share. Today the company sells for $2.48 – already turning every $10,000 into more than $21,197. But this thing is just getting started. Check this out….

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