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Could Archrock (NYSE: AROC) Cut its Dividend?

Written By Wealth Daily Research Team

Posted August 1, 2019

Today is Thursday, August 1, 2019, and this is your daily dividend safety update. Today we’re looking at Archrock (NYSE: AROC) stock to see whether its 4.94% dividend is safe.

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Let’s look at the company’s payout ratio, cash flow growth, and dividend history to gauge the probability of a dividend cut in the next few years.

Payout Ratio (Dividends/Earnings)

Archrock has a payout ratio of 127.7%. That’s too high for our liking. Payout ratio equals dividends per share divided by earnings per share. Payout ratios near or over 100% indicate that the company might not be able to afford its dividend — or that it might have to borrow money to pay it.

Cash Flow Growth Year-Over-Year

Archrock has not grown its cash flow in the last year. That’s a bad omen for dividend investors. No cash flow means no dividend, so if cash flow isn’t growing, that’s a problem for us.

Dividend History & Recent Cuts

Archrock has a recent history of dividend cuts. In fact, it’s only been 3 years since the last cut. That’s not a good sign. Companies that have recently cut their dividend are generally more likely to cut them again.

The Takeaway

Archrock stock has failed 3 of our 3 dividend safety metrics. With that in mind, we believe a dividend cut is very likely in the next few years.

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