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Coal Prices

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 26, 2008

China coal inventories are down to a 10-day supply.

For a country burning through more coal than the U.S., the E.U. and Japan combined, that’s bad news.

With country reserves at 46 million tons, as of Thursday, it only enough supply to last maybe two weeks. Some regions, like Hebei only have enough reserve to last a week.

We’re talking about a country where 70% of its energy is generated by coal-fired power plants. Lucky for China there aren’t any big events coming up that’d attract millions and put extra strain on the country’s power grid.

Phew! That would’ve been a disaster.

Oh… wait.

According to China officials, the country “is likely to be short of 10 gigawatts of electricity generating capacity by this summer,” meaning that brown-outs and severe power shortages could be commonplace for millions watching the Summer Olympics.

But this shouldn’t come as a shock. The once abundant and reliable source of energy is in short supply and under high demand. And if you think the 50% rise in coal prices over the last five months was bad, just wait. It’ll get worse.

More than 40 ships are waiting in Australian port waiting for coal deliveries, slowed by rain. China and Vietnam banned coal exports. India demand is up. Blackouts are common in South Africa and the Indonesia island of Java.

But while it’s bad for China, it’s great news for U.S. coal companies, which are predicting that global coal demand, will outstrip supply by 25 to 35 million metric tons. Coal consumption could rise 74% by 2030. India alone is expecting for its current annual demand of 460 million metric tons to quadruple by 2031.

That’s great news for coal company earnings potential.

Digest that and we’d recommend keeping an eye on Arch Coal (ACI:NYSE), which just raised its dividend, and the Market Vectors Coal ETF (KOL), which tracks the performance of a Stowe Coal Index that includes 60 global coal production and transportation companies.

Sure, not every one is thrilled with coal. Eco-friendly friends worry that increased carbon emissions will put Earth one step closer to the grave. But we’re investors. We’re trying to show you how to reach financial stability.

Ian L. Cooper


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That’s all for this week… Have a great weekend.