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Classic Government Investment

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted June 3, 2009

The Market Maven of Montana sent me this note titled Classic Govt. Investment.”

He writes. . .

For $41.2 billion, the US Gov’t bought 60% of a company (GM) currently worth a bit less than $500 million. They (we) need a 100+ to-1 return to break even.

Anyone willing to take that bet?”

Oh dear reader. . . did you buy any GM stock on May 22 when it traded for the paltry sum of just $2?

If you waited a week, you’re a savvy investor because you could’ve picked up some GM stock for $1 on May 29.

But don’t kick yourself for missing the deal of a lifetime because, as you read this, GM goes for just $0.61 a share. And if you didn’t buy any, don’t worry, Obama bought some with your money. So, you’re set.

All you have to do is wait for GM stock to rally to $100 a share for the investment to be in the money.

Obama, in his infinite business wisdom, thinks this is a good investment for your money.

How does that make you feel, Mr. Taxpayer???

I can tell you one thing: Madison and Hamilton are rolling over in their f***ing graves.

Seriously, I want to hear from the clowns who support this crap. And I want to ask you this: are you personally buying GM stock right now in your 401k, IRA, or individual trading account. If not, why not?

Do yourself a favor, forget GM. The stock is sitting at a record low. The company was founded in 1908!!!

Instead, I have 3 stocks you should buy right now that will be very successful. And if you purchased these stocks when I recommended them in Wealth Daily 2 months ago, you’re already up 50%.

A Classic Hicks Investment

On March 18, I released my much-awaited “Obama Portfolio.”

In this report, I listed 3 companies that would benefit from the Obama Administration’s gut-busting spending spree.

To read the report, you can go here:

The companies listed as the beneficiaries were:

  1. SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWRA). . . Solar play

  2. Argentex (OTCBB: AGXM). . . Indium play for solar, plus a gold play as a hedge against inflation

  3. PowerShares Dynamic Building & Construction ETF (NYSE: PKB). . . Infrastructure play

I recommended each company’s stock for immediate purchase. (In the case of Argentex, my initial recommendation appeared in Wealth Daily on December 28, 2008, available here.)

Since my March 18 recommendation, each stock is up 41%, 79%, and 30%. So, the Obama Portfolio is up 50% as a whole in just two-and-a-half months.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

But it gets even better. . .

If you calculate from the December recommendation, the return on Argentex is even bigger, as AGXM has gained +180% since:


The thing is, the Obama people are spending money like my ex-wife did on QVC. See it, buy it. She was QVC’s customer of the month for 3 straight months.

Same thing is happening today.

It doesn’t matter if we need all this spending. Seriously. . . politicians are calling for a newspaper bailout, calling them “National Treasures.” Are you kidding me?!?

Whatever, it’s gonna happen. I can’t stop it. And that’s the bottom line.

So. . . I will profit from it.

Buy the 3 stocks mentioned above. They’ll benefit from the Obama spending boom. But you might want to wait for a pullback, as all 3 stocks have been on a rampage as of late.

Profitably yours,

Brian Hicks

Brian Hicks

PS. While the three stocks above will certainly benefit, Mr. Obama is doing much to lift the entire cleantech sector. My colleague, Nick Hodge, has guided members of the Alternative Energy Speculator to 23 double-digit wins in the space so far this year. Click here to get in on the next one.