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China Screws the World -- Again.

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted December 19, 2011

There no chance we’re selling any of our rare earth stocks… 

China just barred the world’s largest rare earths producer – Baotou Steel – from exporting because of “environmental concerns.”

The company has been excluded from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s list of 11 approved exporters for next year, according to The Sydney Herald.

That means we could see substantial supply constraints and send rare earth prices surging again.

Do not give up on rare earth stocks.  We believe there’s still plenty of upside remaining.

Even though prices have come down, demand is still very strong, making this a great time to be – and remain – a long-term investor.

Global demand for rare earths has already increased 50% over the last decade and it’s forecast to keep rising. According to the Geological Society of London, per a NASDAQ new report, “there are not enough REE available to countries other than China.”

That means you want to own rare earth stocks, like those in Greenland.  From my understanding, Greenland’s natural resource minister said that beginning in 2012, the country will take bids to develop its rare earth deposits.

Hold rare earth trades.  Do not sell them.  You’ll miss some great profit opportunities.