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Case Study: How to Make 66% Gains in 3 Weeks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted January 24, 2011

Investment newsletter editors are an odd lot. I’ll be the first to admit that.

In fact, if you ever run into one at the bar, my advice is to buy ’em one drink and be on your way. Otherwise you’ll find yourself doing a “dance macabre” from bar to bar until 6 am.

One of the dark secrets of our business is that it takes a certain type of personality to be a successful newsletter editor: The more unusual, the better.

Case in point. . . none of us at Wealth Daily has a formal education in finance or business. Truth be told, we think that a degree in finance or business is a disadvantage.

Looking at my staff, their sheepskin dividends are in philosophy, English lit, linguistics, education, and the Classics.

Another common denominator among newsletter editors is that most of us are social misfits. We hate the conventional and love the bizarre.

If it wasn’t for our wives to keep us grounded, we’d spiral out of control in an inescapable vortex of self-destruction fueled by booze and speculation.

But it’s that unconventional lifestyle that results in unconventional market analysis for dramatic results.

And when an editor’s unconventional market analysis hits a bulls-eye, it’s a game changer.

Ian Cooper is one such example.

Ian Cooper: The Man Behind the Trades

I’ve known Ian since 2000, and he’s still a complete enigma to me. I have no idea what makes him tick.

Every day, at the same time. . . Ian heads to Subway and orders the exact same sub, the Veggie. His desk is immaculate. His desktop computer spotless.

He’s quiet. . . almost in a perpetual state of meditation.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve instructed my staff not to talk to Ian unless he talks to you first. It’s not that we don’t like him. . . or that he smells bad. I simply don’t want to disrupt his “mojo.”

Ian’s approach to work is completely unconventional. I have no clue to his methodology. None.

And I don’t care, as long as the results are stellar.

That’s why I want to tell you about Ian’s last trade. He told me about it beforehand. I considered taking a position myself. But everything about the trade seemed illogical to me. . . a trainwreck waiting to happen.

It was Molycorp (MCP)… after it put in a stellar run north.

But Ian wasn’t convinced the run was over, he told me. “The momentum crowd is still in place. They’ll run this up further on blind momentum.”

The company hadn’t even started working yet… and there was an unlock date coming up in late January. How could I go long this stock?

$20 to the upside later, Ian had his readers out. And I was left kicking myself for not mortgaging the house. You’d think I would have learned after Ian closed out winner after winner even in the worst of economic times.

Thankfully, Ian’s readers listen a bit better.

Take a moment to read the flood of testimonials that are pouring in. . .

“Have had your service for a couple of years and I’m VERY satisfied. Thank You very much. I have recommended it to several friends.” – Ronald

“I recently signed up with Pure Asset Trader, bought some rare earth, which stayed underwater for a couple weeks, but is up nicely now. Also bought some AVL, which just flew to the moon – nice work! I’m so impressed that I signed up for your Options trading service a few trading days ago, bought some Veco, and that’s up over 11% as of today. Looking forward to more of your updates.” – Paul

“I have been with you about three months, my current RARE EARTH portfolio as of today is up 43%. Couldn’t ask for better… Thanks for the good work.” — Denny

“Ian, I joined your band in October 2010. And so far I’m a very happy customer. Out of 7 positions closed in 2010 since I joined, 6 are positive with an average gain of 30%. the only one that was negative is the hedge you advised with DUG option. Just 2 days in this year, 2 positions closed (2 times half of REMX) and all 2 are winners with an average gain of 26%. Overall with PAT my portfolio was up by USD 1,610 in the last 3 months of 2010. And I’ve made USD 529 in 2011 already making nearly gains of USD 2,139 in 4 months. This is a good start for a very small trader. Please keep the good work up.” – Komlan

Thanks for the introduction to REE. Your recommendations turned a 100% profit in six weeks!” — Max

I’ve wanted to observe before really going in. I bought your rare earth stock only and I am very impressed not just with the market moves but also the precise data and information you have that support your trades. I’m not sure what kind of information gatherers you have over there at Pure Asset Trader but … they are damn good.” – Joseph

Thank you VERY much for the great advise so far. I have done extremely well with the rare earth trade. Very happy with how the year ended for me. Much appreciated.” – Bernard

My position of 2000 Sh. of your rare earth stock, bought at an average cost of $0.585 last year, now shows a paper profit of $2,400. This is 3X the cost of your subscription. I have spun the wheel again (renewed my subscription).” – George

Ian, I love your service, I had many big winners in my portfolio last year thanks to you, I hope you will continue this way! Many thanks…” – Ewoud

Dear Ian, Joined Pure Asset Trader in October 2009 and have closed 15 positive trades for a total of $24,155 and one loser (UUP) for a $10 loss, and that’s with a full service brokerage account. To say that I am ecstatic is an understatement. Because of your track record with me risking about $10,000 per trade over the last 15 months I have just signed up for your options service and look forward to further stellar results. Thanks very much for your dedication and results on behalf of one extremely satisfied client. Keep up the great work…” – Paul

My trading account has increased by 30% in the last 6 months . I used to take some of your recommendations and not others, but since I determined to follow them exactly, my returns have been great. Keep up the good work for the little guys!!” – Randy

Pure asset trader is working excellent for myself. I’ve been on board for about 3 months and profits are rolling in steady. Keep up the great work!! Thank you!” – Dave

Mr. Cooper, I have indeed made some very nice cash off such stocks as NOG, BEXP, CLR, CHK, and WLL all before the crash. Then after the dust settled made even more by getting in early with BEXP, CLR, WLL and NOG. I owe you a beer the moment we meet if that pleasure is ever presented.” – Robert

You guys make The Fool Brothers, Navelliar, et al look like crap! I guess it’s because you specialize, and love what you’re doing.” – Ross

I have to tell your skeptics that in the last 30 days I have made $16,000 dollars using one of your products… pure asset trader (the best part about it was I did it on a free 60 day test run), the returns are tremendous to say the least!! 3 days ago I rolled my profit into the best stock in my portfolio, I decided to become a member and already making huge returns on the info I gained from that. Its great getting up at 6:30 am and watching my portfolio grow all day long by $500 per day. I have been out of work for 2 years and can now hold my head up again and better yet, pay my bills!! Thanks You guys are on it!!” – Curtis

Pure Asset Trader

If you think I’m cherry-picking Ian’s Pure Asset Trader service, think again.

Here’s his actual track record since he took the reins:


If you haven’t tried Ian’s Pure Asset Trader service, you should. There’s a 30-day full money back guarantee. So you can test it for one month essentially free of charge.

If you want to test-drive Ian’s PAT, click here.

To learn more about Ian’s PAT service, feel free to read this report:

Profitably yours,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Wealth Daily