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Capitalizing on the Foreclosure Boom

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted March 19, 2010

Today I present you with two trades practically guaranteed to pay out handsomely in the coming months.

The first play has a number of things going for it, among them a brilliant strategic partnership with the world’s biggest online retailer and 13 other big-name retailers… along with the likelihood of a tremendous share price surge on the news of an industry giant’s downfall (perhaps even bankruptcy, with $1 billion in debt.)

(I reveal the name of my new trade in my new research write-up below.)

The second trade is best explained by the chart below.

delinquency chart


And because that startling 9.67% figure is only going north from here, my second trade is practically foolproof. That’s because…

1. Nothing can stop the tidal wave of foreclosures about to crash on the U.S.

2. One company — birthed from a 2008 spin-off — will directly profit from it. It’s their business. And business is about to get real good.

Now, before I send you off to these two new reports, there’s something you should know.

Both of these plays are options trades.  But whether you’re a seasoned options player or have never even considered touching an options trade in your life… I’ve got you covered. 

If you’re new to options — but intrigued by their massive profit potential at a fraction of the price (and risk) of regular stocks — click here for your specialized report.

And if you’re a more experienced options trader — the kind of investor who loves using this lucrative vehicle to stack your portfolio with big winners in any market… then follow this link to read more about trade # 2.  

No matter which side of the fence you fall on, these 2 trades cannot be ignored. Those who do will likely miss out on 200%+ gains by December 2010.

Don’t leave this money on the table, folks.

To your wealth,

Ian Cooper
Editor, Wealth Daily
Investment Director, Options Trading Coach, Options Trading Pit