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Can the Secret Of Rich Man's Row Change Your Life In a Month?

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted October 15, 2014

You may not know it, but the federal government actively keeps people like you from participating in the most lucrative breed of investments known to modern capitalism.

Unless you have $1 million in liquid assets or can prove between $200,000 and $300,000 in annual income, you are legally barred from being a private equity investor.

In layman’s terms: You can’t invest in privately held, development-stage companies.


While accredited investors are allowed access to companies like Google and Facebook years before they go public and can close gains of hundreds of millions of dollars on just tens of thousands invested, you’re limited to buying only public companies trading on the open market.

It’s an injustice that I don’t even want to begin to talk about right now — because once I do, I don’t stop — but it’s reality.

The federal securities laws define the term “accredited investor” in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933.

If you Google it yourself, you can read about the limitations and the recently proposed increase of minimum liquid net worth from $1 million to $2.5 million.

The Smart and Savvy Will Always Find a Way In

If you can get beyond the shameless plutocratic tendencies that this rule promotes under the guise of “it’s for your own good,” you might actually get a laugh out of just how fixed the system is.

But like I said, that’s not the issue here… What I really want to get at today is how you can circumvent this rule and still participate in some of the fastest- and strongest-gaining investments.

And you don’t need a broker, a special license, or any qualifications at all to start.

The key is to target a special breed of companies trading on the open market. They’re out there, and they’re growing — or about to grow — at rates similar to those some of today’s major tech brands boasted when they were still in their early stages.

I call it “The Secret of Rich Man’s Row,” but it’s not really a secret so much as a method of investing that has proven to work wonders, even with relatively small initial buy-ins.

Most importantly, it doesn’t take a million to make another million. If you start right now, before the end of the next quarter, you can be well on the road to closing percentages typically reserved for the 1% and 0.1%.

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