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Biotech Files for Anticancer Drug Patent

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted January 17, 2013

Canada’s Advanomics Corporation, the owner of Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (PINK: SBFM), has filed for a U.S. patent for the manufacturing techniques and molecular components of Adva-27a, Sunshine Biopharma’s anticancer compound. The company will also soon file for patent protection worldwide.

Adva-27a is a small molecule that appears surprisingly effective at killing breast cancer cells that are otherwise resistant to multiple standard drugs. It can also kill other cancer cells in vitro.

Should the patent application be approved, Adva-27a’s exclusivity will be safeguarded until 2033.


“Having an upgraded patent position is extremely important in the drug business”, said Dr. Steve N. Slilaty, Sunshine Biopharma’s CEO. “Coverage of the new molecular aspects of Adva-27a and the approximately six additional years of protection factor significantly into the Company’s financial equations”, he added.

Sunshine Biopharma and Advanomics Corp. are both biotech companies focused on developing anti-cancer treatments. The latter is particularly focused on developing Carbon-Difluoride Chemistry to develop anti-cancer compounds and on using RNA-based approaches to improve genomic identification of diseases.