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Bill Gates Invests in Monsanto

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 1, 2013

Bill Gates, Monsanto and Obama are working together to end food freedom.

It’s true.

Monsanto’s working out of the White House (click here), Bill Gates is singing the praises of GMOs to any deep-pocketed sucker he can find (and yes, Bill Gates invests in Monsanto), and Obama continues to look the other way, just as he promised he wouldn’t do.

Here’s the latest in a series of propaganda videos designed to make us go vegetarian and embrace GMOs as our savior.

No, they don’t talk about GMOs or Monsanto, but follow the money. Follow the trail. All roads lead back to Monsanto. And this latest video is an attempt to sucker treehuggers and vegetarians to buy the GMO lie.