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Bilderberg Meeting Starts Conspiracy Theories Anew

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 31, 2012

It all started today: conspiracy theorists, protesters, and technocrats alike mingle with world leaders in the year’s most mysterious meeting near D.C… 

I love when hotels go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Afternoon tea, treats at turn-down, friendly concierge services for unfamiliar town-guests, and cookies upon departure are among a few of my favorite things.

However, one esteemed hotel was setting up for a rather unconventional welcome yesterday…

In case you’re a little behind in current events, this week’s event to keep your eyes on is the Bilderberg meeting at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel, beginning today.

In the wake of a “secretive confab of global power brokers” under a great deal of scrutiny at the conference, hotel guests have been given quite a fright at the overstated security presence.

Typical safety precautions associated with any type of meeting of this magnitude generally include bodyguards and diligent surveillance.

But machine guns… multiple machine guns? Perhaps a little much.

A Swedish woman actually described them as “machine gun nests” being set up around the perimeter. Quite an unconventional way to welcome your hotel guests to say the least… 

But this isn’t your typical conference. 

Some of America’s richest and most powerful men have been invited to this meeting for off-the-record discussions regarding the global economic crisis and other foreign affairs. The rest is a real mystery…

Henry A. Kissinger and David Rockefeller are repeat guests along with numerous other – often intentionally unnamed – high-profile government officials, business leaders, and political leaders.

At this time we also know Alison Redford (Canadian politician), the chairman of Goldman Sachs, president of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and a Belgian viscount and politician have also been added to this year’s invitation list.

This annual event first came into existence back in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. Since that time, speculation suggests big things happen in these super secretive engagements… 

Critics protest the Bilderberg meeting because they don’t like the idea of being left out of the loop. One theory even suggests that the invitees are actually responsible for choosing the next U.S. president. 

Although the topics up for debate remain a mystery to most Americans, British actor Charlie Skelton told the Guardian that one of this year’s hot-topics will focus on Greece. He said:

Aside from the US presidency, the big debate of Bilderberg 2012 is likely to be: what in Hades do we do about Greece? The Eurozone is Bilderberg’s biggest project, but it’s been looking distinctly shaky of late. What’s to be done?” 

Given the poor state of affairs in both Europe and America, this year’s Bilderberg meeting is expected to give rise to a record number of demonstrators.

It’s time for “Occupy Bilderberg.” 

In order to compensate for the dramatic influx of people expected to flock to the area, hotel management actually refused to honor guest reservations made two days before the actual conference.

Guests staying in the hotel up to this morning were given letters informing them that they must leave their rooms and the grounds entirely by noon sharp. Again, not quite the friendly welcome high-paying guests have to come to expect from the service industry… And more fuel for the conspiracy fire.

The hotel has welcomed plenty of undercover Fairfax police and secret service agents in hopes of warding off chaotic protests and violence as over a thousand people insinuated an intent to show up to protest in the next couple of days.

All guests and journalists are subjected to a background check. 

Sounds like protesters will have a tough time raining on the parade this year and getting any transparency with the plots and schemes of the global elite.

The conference will conclude this weekend, so only time will tell if that heart-warming-machine-gun-welcome was truly necessary after all.

Until next time,