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Bilderberg Exposed 2013

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 7, 2013

Reserve the date: June 5 – 9, 2013.

The place: The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, England.

Attendees: Over 100 of the most powerful, influential people in the western hemisphere.


It’s the most important event of the year. Starting on Wednesday June 5, over one hundred of the most powerful political leaders, bankers, economists, academics, businessmen and military thinkers will hold a 3-day meeting at the luxury resort The Grove Hotel in England to decide global policy for the next twelve months.

They will decide how much you pay for a gallon of gasoline, how much gold and silver will rise or fall, who builds the next big steel plant, and how much more debt America is allowed to take on.

But that’s not all…

bbergThey’ll decide what countries will be invaded and attacked next; and who lives and dies.

I’m talking about the Bilderberg Group, the mysterious, highly secretive group that literally controls the world.

Ever since its first meeting in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, this group of global elitists has been deciding economic, political and military policy for the western hemisphere.

It all started when several elitists in Europe who were concerned about growing anti-Americanism in Western Europe organized a meeting. They proposed an international conference so that leaders from European countries and the United States could hash out promoting “Atlanticism.”

Altanticism’s aim was to better understand the cultures of the United States and Western Europe so that they could cooperate on political, economic, and defense issues.

The guest list was to be drawn up by inviting two attendees from each nation in Western Europe, one of each to represent conservative and liberal points of view. Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans.

And ever since that first meeting in 1954, the Bilderberg Group has been accused of being capitalistic carnivores, strong-arming political leaders, starting resource wars and collapsing economies on purpose.

It’s even been suggested that they gave George W. Bush the green light to invade Iraq.

This year’s meeting is only a month away. Topics that will be discussed are sure to be the Cyprus crisis, Eurozone depression and America’s economic recovery. But the hot topic that everybody will be discussing is the current civil war in Syria.

However, now that Israel has bombed the Syrian Army, the potential for a full scale Mideast war just got closer. Certainly the Bilderberg Group could make a decision on this as well.

Want to learn more about the Bilderberg Group?

Check out the documentary below. . .