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Beat Gold's Emotionally-Charged Market

Written By Alexandra Perry

Posted May 17, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Investing After Hours — our Wealth Daily podcast dedicated to helping everyday investors navigate major investing trends. Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in a variety of investing methods.

And we broadcast this knowledge from our office above the Baltimore harbor.

I am your host Alexandra Perry, the research director at Wealth Daily.

For many people, investing in gold is a quest.

In the investing world, gold is unique. It holds value in every country, setting it apart from currency-based investments. It’s also extremely volatile, dropping or soaring as soon as catastrophe appears on the horizon.

That said, many people find investing in gold daunting. With such an emotional market, how do you ensure that you are buying and selling at the correct time?

Today we’re going to answer that question.

Commodities analyst and gold expert Luke Burgess joins us to talk about his experience investing in gold. Luke has ridden quite a few gold panic cycles. He became interested in gold after 9/11 sent gold prices skyrocketing.

This experience has given Luke a unique perspective on the market. He can predict when gold will soar and when it will plummet. He knows what events will make people buy and which will have them rushing to sell.

So novice gold investors take note. Whether you choose to buy gold as an investment or as insurance, you will benefit from Luke’s experience.

Happy listening.

And as always, feel free to email us feedback or questions.

Luke Burgess

Luke BurgessBaltimore native Luke Burgess sums up his investment success in six words: rational thinking in an emotional market. Luke is a gold bug, but he is unlike most others. In fact, he outwardly objects to even being labeled as such.

Luke first became bullish on gold and other natural resource back in 2002, following a sharp decline in the value of the U.S. dollar and taking notice of extraordinary monetary policies in Asian countries at the time. Shortly after, Luke began writing for the legendary financial newsletter Secret Stock Files, where he showed subscribers rapid, life-changing gains from a number of junior exploration and development natural resource plays.

Alexandra Perry

Alexandra Perry is Wealth Daily’s research director and a contributing analyst for Energy and Capital. She has multiple years of experience working with startup companies, primarily focusing on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, alternative energy, and biotech.

Her take on investing is simple: A new age of investors can make monumental returns by investing in emerging industries and foundational startup ventures.